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Raleigh's Giant Copper Acorn

Raleigh’s giant copper acorn has a new home. It was moved from Moore Square to the corner of South and Salisbury Street. I imagine the reason is to clear the way for the impending redesign of Moore Square.

The construction shown in the photo above is the new Residence Inn on Salisbury Street.

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  1. That is such a cool picture, in part because I can’t even tell that it’s Raleigh. Brand new building and new angle, with new acorn location. Nice!

  2. Is there a construction cam online for the Dillon? I thought the one for Skycam was pretty interesting to keep up with. I was downtown a couple weeks ago and they had poured alot of the initial concrete foundation columns. Interested to watch this projects’ progress.

  3. Any idea why they chose this location rather than a more central or prominent location? I know it’s close to Memorial Auditorium but that’s kind of it…

  4. Hi Guys, Im new here, at least to this site. Have lived in Raleigh for 13 years now and so far, Raleigh is Slowly shaping up to be a great City. From (NYC) Im used to taking Mass Transit, But Now its seems that Driving is the way to get around, had used CATbus and personally, You Guys need Better Transit here in Raleigh, Just Saying. Not trying to step on any toes here, Buy why stop at building high rises at 20 stories tall? Very few High rises as I walk around Downtown, Maybe that will soon change, as everything else in Life I guess.

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