RalCon Supports The Wake Transit Referendum

On Nov 8, or now if you’re into early voting, Wake County residents will see this little box on their ballots. This blog, along with a list of other fine persons and organizations, endorse a FOR vote for transit and the sales tax to pay for it.

For downtown Raleigh, and anyone that wants to see the area notch it up on transit-related infrastructure and service, this is a huge addition to the central role that the area plays in the movement of people in our city. The map below shows you how key the core of Raleigh becomes in this 10-year plan.

Click for larger

If you’re looking for a summary of the transit plan that this sales tax increase will fund, along with maps, FAQs, and a breakdown of the monetary side of things, head over to the Regional Transportation Alliance’s wrap up page.

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  1. If you believe in high-density urban development, which I’m guessing everyone on this site does, then it is critical that you cast a vote for ‘YES’ to the transit referendum. Chapel Hill and Durham are already a good year ahead of us. The kinds of development that everyone on this site seems to love and appreciate are heavily…HEAVILY influence by transit. The tax base generated by these high-density sites around transit stops is tremendous. Just look at places like Washington, DC and its suburban enclaves of Alexandria and Arlington that are in many ways more urban than Raleigh and the region today. But good public transportation is a tremendous catalyst for more tall, dense, pedestrian friendly, mixed use projects that we’d all love to see in Downtown Raleigh and the Research Triangle region as a whole….so VOTE YES!!!!

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