Make Way For Townhomes at Hargett Place

July 2016, future home of Hargett Place

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Site clearing is taking place along the 400 block of East Hargett Street. The Hargett Place townhomes are planned for this area.

For a refresher of what is planned, jump back to this March 2016 post.

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  1. Made my day Leo..I check your blog multiple times a week although I live in Florida. havent commented in a while.

    would love to see a current shot of the residence inn going up by the covnention center.

    anwyays, shots like these are great. Keep up the good work!

    thanks for all you do in covering our rising city.


  2. Get him a shot of Dillion and Greyhound apartments too…both of those sites are full on active

  3. Yeah, I think the Dillon is one of the best projects we have going. Really excited about that, Glenwood One and other development kane has going on west street! Love the fact Kane incorporated the old warehouse with a new “modernish” looking building with a balcony (raleigh needs more rooftop/balcony bars/restaurants. Glenwood and West Streets all the way down to the Dillon in the Ware house district is going to be amazing in the next several years. Very exciting!! I know there a plans to improve peace st.. I hope there are the same plans for Glenwood south. Anyone that has been on it lately understands what I mean.. definitely needs to be resurfaced.

  4. Y’all…..
    -The Dillon (techinically 3 buildings, 1 tower and 2 apartment buildings)
    -Residence Inn
    -One Glenwood (two buildings, 1 tower and 1 parking deck with wrap-around hotel)
    -The Metropolitan (formerly greyhound apts)
    -Charter Sq North (someday)
    -The Edison (maybe???)
    -Hargett Place townhomes
    -Kane’s Sleepy Hollow/west St development (two buildings currently rumored)
    -301 Hillsborough (2 buildings)
    -N&O Site (rumored 3 buildings, a few of which could/should be towers)
    That’s ~17 buildings (I’m lumping townhomes into one building) going up over the next 5 years or so. Raleigh is about to be SO DENSE!

  5. @ Bob
    Agree with you about resurfacing Glenwood South/Glenwood ave south I do…

    Thank you for the list and reminder of just how well downtown Raleigh is doing an continues to grow. ?

  6. Add one more – 404 Hillsborough. Speaking of Hillsborough St., anything from Lundy’s group on the 301 site? It’s been rather quiet.

  7. @Dave, I don’t think anything has materialized. Have we had updates on the 404? For some reason I thought that wasn’t happening.

    There’s also two townhouse projects on the west side of DT, at West Street and South St. (West Raleigh Townhomes) and in Glenwood South at St. Mary’s (The Saint).

    Plus the Turn Key Tire and Buffalo Tire, Enterprise Rent a Car, and the lot immediately east of Moore Square, all of which have been sold to developers in the last year.

  8. Jake that is “Smokey” Hollow. But in my childhood I lived near Sleepy Hollow and can appreciate the slip, whether intentional or accidental.
    So actually there are 5 townhouse projects in east downtown.
    Hargett Place
    Hargett Oaks (expansion)
    720 E Davie, Project at Davie and Alston
    Stones Warehouse has townhouses planned as well.

    FWIW I keep a horrible looking map of projects coming with some color coding to denote status of some sort and also to separate type of project.,-78.6596982,15z/data=!4m2!6m1!1s1W8koi6VYpb0HAoKYwvC2o6GVsrw

  9. @Mark HAHAHA I completely missed that I wrote Sleepy Hollow. And I love your map! I’ve looked over it often

  10. In the next few weeks the developer for 301 Hillsborough St. will meet with the city !

  11. @ Dwight & @ Leo
    Did either of you make it to the CAC meeting last night?
    (Concerning the N&O block)

  12. Robert , both of us went but the developer did not come ! The CAC Chairman said that there are some issues with the project between both the developer and the city and maybe the developer will reschedule meeting for August !

  13. Dwight, my thanks to you for the reply and update. Our first red flag, maybe? Let us hope that there aren’t many more…
    I offer my sincerest thanks to both you and Leo for keeping everyone so well informed and updated. ?
    Sorry we can’t pay y’all for all of the extra work…?

  14. Knowing this city, they probably told the N&O block developers that their plans were too ambitious and unique. Not short or bland enough!

  15. You are so welcome Robert ! We love it ! Many Thanks Leo for what you are doing with this Great Raleigh Blog ! All of us look forward daily to this !

  16. Does anyone know what is going next to the Gramercy apartments noticed they finished tearing down the rest of the building that was next to it. Haven’t heard of any details of what might be going there it’s the lot across from the Devon.

  17. @Johnk – is that where the mentioned parking will be for the pharmacy/grocery at the bottom of Gramercy?

  18. I was told in another forum that the corner lot on that block is owned and was cleared by the Raleigh Housing Authority, presumably as additional parking for Glenwood Towers.

  19. Any future plans with Glenwood Towers? That is PRIME real estate… curious if they have plans to build another facility in a different location and a developer may build something with some restaurants.. etc in that location on Glenwood

  20. That’s pretty awesome, Dwight! Is there a name or website for this project? It’s funny because 301 Hillsborough was all over the news, but the only mention of the 404 is from you on here. It’s like our own little secret at this point! ;-) I’m excited for both of those projects and One Glenwood, actually.

  21. RE: 404 Hillsborough. Is it the entire block? I noticed the two different owners for plots on that block are both from Chicago. Could be partners? Entire block is roughly the size of the movie theater complex at North Hills. Downtown could use a multi-plex (not necessary as big as NH) and maybe the ground floor could work here? It could draw nearby residents from Glenwood South, Fayetteville, and Warehouse Districts, as well as most of central Raleigh.

  22. I sense 404 is the project referred to in the July 2015 TBJ article regarding Greyhound’s site plans. 404 has been owned by raleigh-based RE developers for quite some time.

  23. @ Mike , I hope that I’m not telling you wrong , but I think it is the whole block that will be the project !

    @ Jeff , All I know is that 404 info. came from a very reliable source & I don’t have any info. ,renderings on this . If I do get anymore info. , I will post . Jeff , we are blessed to have this source for us .

  24. I just love the idea of another significant project downtown starting “soon.” Hopefully this will actually be the case. Dwight you are the man.

  25. Josh & Trent , I so appreciate your kind comments but the Men Are Leo for having this Site & The Super Guy That Calls Me To Give Me This Info. ! “Hats Off To These Two Men ! Thanks Leo & ? !!!

  26. Absolutely!! I have been a lurker here on the site for the most part but Leo, you do a great job! I have checked this blog almost daily since moving here two years ago. Always excited for more imformation on Raleighs growth. Keep it coming Leo!

  27. InvenTrust Properties Corp., formerly Inland American Real Estate Trust will be developing the 404 site.

  28. Not seeing the fit between 404 and InvenTrust’s core competency/current portfolio. What am I missing?

  29. @John, I am also looking for that tie in. Looks like they have 3 or 4 highrises that they’ve acquired over the years. Or maybe another division of their organization unbeknownst to us handles the commercial development piece.

  30. $$ behind 404 is Chicago-based Shiner Capital Partners. SCP was also behind 111 Seaboard, The Hue and interestingly, Powerhouse Square. Perhaps York Properties is also in the mix…?

  31. @Jeff. I agree. The rendering looks nice. The thing that would make the project better would be to disguise the driveways. This could be done by implementing some sort of auto portico (with or without a garage door) that is topped by living space associated with one or both of the townhouse on either side of it. The detail to which the developer is going to create an authentic urban neighborhood aesthetic is damaged by the small clusters of units that are separated by these driveways.
    The city that I think does a terrific job hiding its motor courts is Paris. Many buildings have these sorts of porticos but they are hidden behind “garage” doors and are developed with living spaces above them.
    I also wonder how the developer is going to address the TH side elevations on Hargett and Bloodworth? While the S. East St. elevation is likely to be a really nice urban experience along the sidewalk, those other two streets’ sidewalk experiences are likely to be much urban in their nature with the driveways and side elevations taking up about half of the block/property.

  32. Oh crap did I bumble the end of my previous comment. Too much editing without proofreading!
    I meant to end that comment by saying: “While the S. East St. elevation is likely to be a really nice urban experience along the sidewalk, those other two streets’ sidewalk experiences aren’t likely to be as urban in their nature with the driveways and side elevations taking up about half of the block/property.

  33. I agree. Overall, thought, it’s a great project IMO. I live in the newish apartment building next door and am looking forward to having another underused lot get filled in.

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