Hargett Place Planning Townhomes on East Hargett Street

400 Block of East Hargett Street

Corner of East and Hargett, March 2016

New development plans for Hargett Place, a 19 townhome project, were submitted to the city. After a successful rezoning in July 2015, the plans are moving forward to wipe out the surface parking lot on the 400 block of East Hargett.

The one acre lot will consist of 2-bedroom units spread across four buildings. The site plan below shows the makeup of the townhome buildings.

Hargett Place Site Plan

The plan doesn’t show much but I want to say these will be similar to Peace Street Townes, at least in the building configuration. Vehicle driveways will be on Hargett and Bloodworth. As Hargett is identified as a key bicycle route, having the vehicle driveway doesn’t quite make sense. At the same time, 19 townhomes probably won’t generate that much traffic to make a difference so for me, not too worried about it.

Not much else here, except to reiterate the fact that I love seeing surface parking disappear. Bring it on.

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  1. Also a ten-townhome development pending called The Lift on the 500 block of New Bern Ave. (next to New Mercy Baptist).

  2. Well shoot! Raleigh didn’t make the cut on DOT’s Smart City Challenge. I had high hopes Raleigh would do well …

    The finalists are:
    •Austin, Texas
    •Columbus, Ohio
    •Denver, Colorado
    •Kansas City, Missouri
    •Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    •Portland, Oregon
    •San Francisco, California

  3. Love this scale of development in the transition zone from downtown to nearby neighborhoods. I fully agree: bring it on.

  4. It’s nice to see development finally taking shape on this side of downtown. Unfortunately, it also means the planned development over what is currently a homeless shelter is inevitable. Since the city laid out it’s master plan I’ve been wary of that change. Not sure what the Raleigh Rescue Mission’s rent/property tax situation is but I can imagine that it’ll get tougher and tougher. It’s sad to see those in need of service being cast away. Hopefully they will find a new spot somewhere nearby.

    Also it is not surprising we didn’t get anywhere with the Smart City Challenge considering ecoPRT isn’t a smart mass transit solution! Too expensive and too low capacity. By all indications that is what the city was going with and I think outside of here + New Raleigh people looking at it could see it was a bad idea.

  5. I think that is now 5 townhouse developments moving along (500 New Bern block, Hargett Place, Hargett Oaks phase II, the Davie/Haywood ones and the Stones Warehouse ones). I also think its a great transition from downtown to the east side and am very happy about it.

  6. Look for someone who transplanted to Raleigh from Austin, Texas. I’m torn between having big developments cause it could lead to horrible traffic as more people move in.

    All I hope is that the city planners are better than the ones in Austin because once the huge influx of people started move to Texas, TRAFFIC WAS UNBEARABLE. Last time I visited family, they are now beginning to build new roads, which again only makes a horrible traffic situation a lot worse.

    Since I’m on the road A LOT for my job, it would be great not have to deal with traffic that takes me more than 1.5 hours to get anywhere in Raleigh.

  7. I’m happy to see the development moving East down New Bern. As a resident of 27610, would love to see this area improve. I still wonder why some big developer hasn’t come in and renovated that shopping center right off of 440 and New Bern (Exit 13). To me, it seems like a no brainier for a Norh Hills style development. It’s convenient off the highway, to downtown, and the hospital. Would love to hear your readers’ thoughts on that idea.

  8. @Paul
    Short answer: Money
    I also live in East Raleigh in Hedingham and have often wondered the same thing. People with extra income in East Raleigh seem to go to West Raleigh and downtown for entertainment. We also seem to go to Knightdale for our needs. Knightdale has momentarily beaten the New Bern Ave/Beltline area to the punch as far as good shopping centers go. Also, there are no shopping centers period in the south east neighborhoods(Pool Rd, etc) so all of those folks do their shopping on NBA. Unfortunately, nice grocery stores and shopping centers are not in the business of selling to the lower class. I have pointed out in this site before that the only grocery stores east of Wake Forest Rd are Food Lions. I think that the Lowe’s Foods in Knightdale is about the only nice grocery store east of Wake/Falls. And it is located just outside of 540.

  9. Does anyone know anything about the townhomes that were proposed for the intersection of South and West last December? That’s a short walk to the Warehouse District and the Convention Center, and a part of town that hasn’t seen much development.

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