Person Street Townhomes in Blount Street Commons

The Townhomes of Blount Street Commons

As part of Blount Street Commons, Person Street is really getting a residential presence with these townhomes named The Wallace and The Anderson. The website is lacking a lot of key information but here’s where you can see more about them.

While nothing spectacular to look at, (The Ten looks much better and the units were priced a bit lower) I actually really like that we’re getting some of this type of residential around downtown. I hope one day for there to be a plethora of three or four story buildings like this scattered all throughout our urban areas. It’s also a great transition development from our core out into the neighborhoods.

The Townhomes of Blount Street Commons

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  1. What I find encouraging is that the vast majority of these units have already sold, including those that haven’t even come out of the ground yet. Check out the small signs posted in front of each unit as you drive by.

  2. These units seem to be decent in terms of urban form, price and square footage. Nothing out of the ordinary, but a nice infill, nevertheless. After all, this is a historic location and not just a dime-a-dozen suburban “community”. Which brings me to a problem that I have with downtown development, in general. This was a missed opportunity to build at least a nice row of elegant brownstones. There are still locations where this can happen, but I view this particular block as prime for such brownstones.

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