Blount Street Commons Makes Moves On New Apartment Building

Blount Street Commons

This will be short as details are a bit light, as far as I know anyway, on this project. There’s movement on one of the apartment buildings planned for the Blount Street Commons project. The current parking lot near the NCAIA building and along Wilmington Street is being broken up.

I did some digging and this tract of land is referred to as “Block 2 Tract B” of the Blount Street Commons project. In early 2012, the Raleigh Planning Commission recommended the approval of a height amendment that was in place here. It was to go from 45′ to 62′. This was probably the beginning of plans for the upcoming apartment building.

By the way, the details are all in MP-3-11 on the city’s development approvals archive site.

I haven’t found much yet about it but the property owner, according to Wake County, is Elan Raleigh Property LLC. Their website,, shows some slides of some decent looking developments. The Elan Uptown project in Minneapolis looks pretty cool.

It’s taking a little more effort to find details here so I’ll post as facts come up. Please share if you have any insight to this potentially significant new residential project for the northern side of downtown Raleigh.

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  1. It looks like Elan is part of Greystar, which is a property management and development company with an office in Charlotte and properties around Raleigh. Crescent Cameron Village is listed on Greystar’s website so I am assuming they are the property manager for that site.

  2. I heard unconfirmed reports that Peace University plans to rent out most if not all the planned apartments for their students.

  3. Arthur, with a walkscore of 83 (which is darn good for Raleigh) one hopes that the new residents will be out on foot and on the bus rather than feeling the need to drive everywhere.

  4. An R-Line stop is immediately across Polk Street from there for one. If it’s not completely all-Peace Students, I would love for a good number set aside for State Employees. The location would be just so perfect for pedestrian commuters. Sad thing is, 95% of State Employees can’t afford the typical apartment rents of downtown these days! :-P

  5. RE: RaleighRob

    I would have to agree about setting aside apartments for State Employees. I look forward to the day when there will be such an ordinance that helps public employees actually live where they work, which would countinue to increase downtown’s viability.

  6. If density creates such a concern for traffic then why is the worst of the traffic outside of the beltline?

  7. Any more info on this project? It gets bigger every time I am by, but I still can’t find any renderings or timelines online.

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