Raleigh Union Station Construction, Summer 2015

Future home of Raleigh Union Station

This past weekend, I stepped out onto the end of Martin Street real quick to see if there was anything going on at the Raleigh Union Station construction site. The photo above was taken on Saturday and shows no visible signs of construction. (except the street barricades)

Perhaps last minute plans are still being worked before crews start making progress. I remember that the new station will be funded through a variety of funds coming in different directions so maybe that’s a slow process.

It just seems to be taking longer than expected seeing as how the first groundbreaking announcement was for March 2015 only to be delayed until May 2015. Here we are in July and still waiting.

Staying positive still at this point though.

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  1. An article discussing the parking situation has appeared … http://www.wral.com/as-warehouse-district-booms-parking-crunch-reaches-critical-stage/14786535/

    If memory serves me… the city had previously mentioned that the buildings close to the new RUS was designated to become a new bus terminal and parking deck. Now they are moving forward with finding a partner for a parking deck project supposedly in the warehouse district…could this finally be a sign of moving forward at that location?

    The set of buildings I am referring to will be across the street from the Dillon… backing up to the train tracks… the new RUS will be just to the south west of that building (basically connected)!

  2. @mark if you go to the link CT put up on the review comments the site plan was not approved nor was construction drawings. Hopefully those issues were resolved and building permits were able to be issued.

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