Union Station Groundbreaking is May 8

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  1. This start date has certainly been a yo-yo. Isn’t this earlier now than we were previously led believe after the last delay? All in all, great news!

  2. Josh,it’s supposed to be finished sometime in 2017,if I’m not mistaken. May is looking like it’s going to be a great month DT. The Council of State is expected to ok the Dix Park deal,in early May also.

    With Union Station moving forward I expect lots of action in the Warehouse District. Kane’s 2 towers for example.

    Hopefully the transit plan will be substantial and move forward. Not to mention Edison and Charter North. DT’s on a roll!!!!!

  3. Adrian, The Planning Commission’s Agenda for Tuesday 4-28 includes Mr. Kane’s towers & the 12-story hotel @ S. Wilmington St./S. Lenoir St.

  4. Adrian, The Planning Commission’s Agenda for Tuesday 4-28 includes Mr. Kane’s Towers & The 12-Story Hotel @ S.Wilmington St./S.Lenior St.
    Dwight Nipper

  5. Dwight, Union Station,Dix Park,Edison,Charter North,Moore Square park,Moore Square Transit Station,Kane’s towers, all the other proposals in Hillsborough/Warehouse District and 2-3 new hotels.

    Things are looking good Downtown. I hope we can keep it going!

    Dose anyone know when the new Residence Inn is starting? Also is the hotel by the L building ever going to happen? Hilton Garden Inn?

    Last thing Dwight, any word on the Charter North rendering. They sure are keeping this one close to the vest. It had better be amazing !

  6. Adrian, I have not heard anything on the north tower or the 2 hotels that you mention. I have heard that the sewer lines located @ the old greyhound site are in bad shape & not good enough @ this point for a project. Dwight Nipper

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