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An empty newsstand on Fayetteville Street

Here’s a recent photo of an empty newsstand on Fayetteville Street. Installed in 2006 when the street makeover was finished, I haven’t seen them very active in the last few years. Or are they so active that everything gets snatched up so quickly that I miss it?

Are these needed anymore? Should they be removed or maybe re-purposed?

  • Device charging stations
  • Retrofit into small stages for impromptu performances
  • #putamuralhere
  • Convert them to storage lockers for public use
  • Big bike parking stations

What else?

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    None right now. Must be a new project.


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  1. #putamuralhere is a great idea, along with the device charging station. As Raleigh grows, these can be staple innovation pieces of the DT area.

  2. the stand alone ones are still around and the City needs to remove them. That is one thing the city needs to do is remove the paper stands & work on sidewalks. The sidewalk across from sky house is terrible near Chucks. By the way Skyhouse looks great. I am impressed.The Lincoln will finish June or July. It is looker better than I ever thought. We just need a few more big projects other than government projects. I am not a fan of plaza project, moore sq. bus station upgrades, or moore square. Lincoln will change the blocks around it.

  3. They can’t remove the whole thing, the box part on the left is the traffic signal control cabinet.

    Wonder if they would retrofit well if we get BikeShare…

  4. That space is too small for bikeshare. I use the system in Miami Beach and can tell you that it’s more likely to be placed in parking spaces on the street, specially paved areas in parks and on deepened sidewalks.
    Good thinking though! It’s better to find a reuse than to throw the baby out with bath water……not to worry Leo, not your baby. :-)

  5. I get the freebies from them….Independent Weekly and Triangle Free Press. Never bought a paper there though.

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