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Land is being cleared along Person Street as part of the Blount Street Commons project. Slowly, very slowly, Blount Street Commons seems to be filling in with the planned townhomes, some already showing wood framing up along John Haywood Way.

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  1. Are they employing these construction workers part-time? This is the slowest town home project I’ve ever seen.

  2. Is anybody revisiting the police tower proposal? I think now would be a good time to bring that idea back to the table. It fits well into the new downtownraleiegh plan!

  3. Victor , I have talked in person to David Diaz , Eugene Weeks , Wayne Maiorano , Russ Stephenson , Ruffin Hall about still using the plans for a police tower on Hargett St. I have gotten a positive feedback on a downtown project , but only one council member has actually said they wanted to look @ the old plans again . I’m so hoping that others will jump on board . Mr. Hall said that the city is currently having a consultant look @ a possible police/fire project . Dwight Nipper

  4. @squirrelchat From what Ive seen the Peace Street side is a completely separate development (and has progressed rather slowly)

  5. The Peace side is called Peace Street Townes and were originally planned to start in Fall of 2012 IIRC, but looks like they just started this month. Looks like it’s actually progressing pretty quickly now that they’ve broken ground, though.

  6. I can tell you exactly when they broke ground. Around this time last year. I’m one of many pissed off buyers. It has been an excruciatingly slow process.

  7. The Blount Street Commons row houses are done very piece-meal, and the development is taking a long time. That said, once they actually start on a building, it goes up at a decent pace. (Then you just wait forever before they start another one.)

    The Peace Street Townhomes, as Greg says, has been the truly ridiculously slow project. I’ve never seen anything built so slow.

    For comparison, Yarborough Park townhomes up in Mordecai just broke ground 3 weeks ago on their block of townhouses. They already put the roofs up two days ago!

  8. I am the sales agent for The New Homes at Blount Street Commons. Since Stanley Martin Homes took over we have made great progress. We have two buildings in construction and are going to start two more in December! Priced $280s to $450s Please call me for details~(919) 926-5592

  9. And if you need a buyer’s agent to represent you, you can call me Chad Murray with Fonville Morisey @ (919)744-2857.

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