Pic of the Week

Snow Cover the Raleigh Acorn in Moore Square

For downtowners, this is the only photo that should go viral. There are a select few coffee shops and restaurants that are open during this winter storm. Enjoy it and stay safe!

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  1. Justin, The only thing that I know is that the city council is suppose to talk about the sale of the lot concerning anyone with the public @ Tuesday’s city council meeting on 2-18-14. This info. is on The City’s home web page.
    Dwight Nipper

  2. Ok thank you, also forgot to ask does anyone know when they are planning to break ground for the south tower of the charter square project. All I’ve heard is that they are closing the site.

  3. The only one that should have gone viral? Are you kidding? I’m so freaking proud of that car-on-fire-meme I could spit! If ONLY more Raleigh pics went internationally viral!

    Except for this acorn… That I could stand to not see go viral.

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