Spring Downtown Eats Update

Spring is in the air and so are restaurant openings. There are a handful of places that we are currently waiting on but here are some more to add to that list.

  • Wilmoore cafe will open very soon on Wilmington Street directly next to The Busy Bee. I’m very interested to hang out here as they have used the old shop front windows for seating. Those deep walk in entrances are nice and cozy, great for sitting outside but staying under some shelter.
  • The Astoria Cafe & Lounge will go in The Hue where White Rabbit Books used to be. It looks like this is the same place that previously went by Tribeca Cafe, as highlighted over on Goodnight, Raleigh. According to the Facebook page, there will be an opening date around early July.
  • Ruben’s Downtown may finally open soon, as highlighted by the Raleigh Philosophical Society.
  • Spy Raleigh is a new club on Davie Street that will also open soon. Any fans of the old Ess Lounge across the street should be right at home, as their description on their website is similar to what Ess Lounge used to bring to the warehouse district.
  • The Raleigh Wine shop will open at the corner of Glenwood and Jones Street.

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  1. I walked by Wilmoore Cafe and I was very impressed with how it turned out. I agree with you completely about the cool walk in entrances. It had a modern yet retro feel. It was a really nice addition to that part of Wilmingston Street.

  2. Btw, does anyone know what is going in on the southeast corner of Hargett and Salisbury? I can’t tell if it’s a restaurant or bank and construction seems kind of slow.

  3. Oh, one more, what is going to the left of the Pit. Looks like a nice cozy classy restaurant with an asian motif.

  4. @LM I remember hearing in the late fall that that was going to be a new Empire Eats space, but info has been limited as to what its going to be. Project could have been changed all together for all I know.

  5. Another nightclub “like Raleigh has never seen”. Although I have to give it to the Spy people, I looked at this warehouse space a couple years ago and it is a great space but needed a LOT of work. You could see sunlight coming in many places – a true old warehouse.

  6. @JM– Hargett at Salisbury–that’s where Est Est Est used to be. They closed long ago. Before the recession, some construction was going on there, supposedly for a new Waraji sushi location. That never happened.

  7. @RaleighRob/hackles10 – thanks for the insight. I wonder if the construction inside that space is residual or actually active for something new. I’m really hoping the latter but have no confirmation.

  8. Two non-specific updates:
    1, regarding Tyler’s Taproom, this is from an email I just got back:
    “Its hard to nail down the exact date quite yet, but construction has begun and folks should be able to enjoy a burger and beer at Tyler’s in Seaboard Station this fall.”
    2, N&O had this today:
    Zinda, a pan-Asian restaurant, is slated to open late this fall in the first floor of the RBC Plaza

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