Summer Oh-10 Eats and Drinks Roundup

Now that Beerfest and Artsplosure are over, it’s time to branch out for some new or new-ish eats around downtown. Recently, there have been a couple “coming soon” signs teasing us about new options around downtown Raleigh. Here is a list of what I have seen.

  • La Volta is now open near City Plaza in the Progress Energy building.
  • A restaurant called Ciago’s has a “coming soon” sign on the corner of Johnson and St. Mary’s Street. Will this place stay open longer then a year? Let’s hope so.
  • ZPizza has signs and a website for its newest location in City Plaza.
  • A new nightclub and lounge has opened in The Depot. Hush is located next to Jibarra on Davie Street, facing the parking lot of The Depot.
  • A “coming soon” sign for Blu Bar is up in the once empty space next to Two T’s, near 108 E. Hargett Street.
  • Mirage, a sushi bar and club has opened in one of the West at North retail spaces on West street.
  • Cafe Helios is renovating. They are adding a kitchen and hiring a chef. This is part of their menu upgrade, described more on their blog.

Anything I’m missing?

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  1. Looks like you’ve covered just about everything. Unless you wanna add David’s Dumpling & Noodle Bar, at the corner of Hillsborough and Oberlin.

    Tried La Volta this weekend. Still some kinks in the service, but the food was excellent. Definitely felt like I was in a scene from a movie, with an Italian-American family with very heavy New York accents running the majority of the operation. ;-)

  2. Went to La Volta for lunch on Friday and it was REALLY damn good. My girlfriend is hella picky about her Italian food and she proclaimed that she would bring her parents there and they are even more picky about Italian. It was awesome.

    Is Market Restaurant close enough to downtown to count? I think so.

  3. there is a great new american bistro opening up in Cameron Village this week. This is there first location to open in North Carolina outside of the cafe’s home in Richmond, Va. They will have 25 wine’s on tap and a woodfired pizza oven.

  4. Z Pizza has to be opening up soon in the first floor of Bank of America building, construction has been going on for quite a while and their signage has been visible through the glass. Also have seen a car covered in Z Pizza logos driving around City Plaza quite a bit lately.

  5. what about the corner of martin and dawson? there used to be a ton of signs there, now there is just brown paper covering the windows. i was getting tired of seeing those neon signs to be honest. hopefully it is something good.

  6. ^A new place is going there. I think it’s called Cherry Bomb, according to –a rock & roll theme I believe.

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