New Eats and Drink For 2010

The pictures say it all.

The Diner is opening where the former Hard Times Cafe is in Glenwood South. That outdoor patio that is just over the sidewalk is killer. I’ve always thought it was under-utilized and hopefully is as busy as the Mellow Mushroom patio on nice, sunny days. Go to their website for a sneak peek video.

Natty Greene’s is taking over the large warehouse in Powerhouse Plaza that once had Prime Only. Originally from Greenesboro, the brewery serves a good selection of beer but having never tried it, I’m hoping some of the readers can chime in and give us some insight.

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  1. The diner looks awesome! Filling a much needed hole in Raleigh nightlife. Hopefully gel heads, hipsters, frat starts, greasers, sharks, and jets can all enjoy late night eats together! Great porch, great decor, heres to hoping they have a garbage plate (or as we called it in St. Louis, a Slinger)!

  2. Natty Greene’s is a great microbrewery, with really solid beer. They always brew five good core beers (Guilford Golden Ale, Natty’s Pale Ale, Buckshot Amber Ale, Old Town Brown Ale, and General Stout).

    They also brew a number of outstanding seasonal beers. I would recommend trying tasters of all of them. All of their beers are also available to take home in growlers. Although the beer is the best reason to go to Natty’s, the food is great too. A wide variety of creative dishes and sandwiches are available.

    I am really looking forward to Natty Greene’s in Raleigh

  3. I wish BigBoss was going where Natty Greenes is and Natty Greenes where bigboss is so a good brewery would be downtown…Natty Greenes beer pales in comparison IMO, although it does blow away Boylan Bridge Brew Pub’s beer.

  4. Gd, I agree, although I would like to see Big Boss come out with a IPA that is available year round.

    I think the fact that Natty Greene’s has an existing menu, restaurant experience, and solid food will help it become successful in that doomed location. Big Boss would have had to partner with a restaurant, and I am sure there are significant costs associated with moving or expanding, and Natty Greene’s established success might have helped them secure funding.

  5. The diner looks great! I’m excited about having another downtown restaurant where I can eat outside on warm and sunny days.

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