Raleigh Skyline Hyped Up On Versus For All Star Game

If you didn’t know it yet, the Triangle is hosting the NHL All Star game this weekend. Downtown Raleigh is covered with hockey themed images and banners. Prepare for crowds in downtown this weekend as the convention center plays host to a huge hockey themed carnival and some live music in the downtown amphitheater. Yours truly will be volunteering at the event and cannot be more excited.

The sports channel, Versus, is running an ad for their broadcast of the game and a quick snippet shows this little shot of Raleigh, shown above. Thanks goes out to Joe Ovies for the image.

Does this shot even look real? Even if you’ve never been to Raleigh it is obvious this shot was edited for hyping up an event.

I’ve noticed a lot of chatter about how people think that Versus intentionally made the RBC Center seem as if it was in downtown Raleigh and how they are trying to make Raleigh seem bigger then it is. First off, relax.

The commercial that this shot airs in flashes the picture in front of you for maybe two seconds so trying to fit it all in can only be done by the magic of video editing. Its obvious this shot is fake.

The skyline in the picture above is mirrored if you were looking at the South Saunders Street angle so it looks reversed. The RBC tower was also added two additional times, in the top right corner and in the middle. The tallest building in the middle is the BB&T tower from another angle and that light tower down the center is easily one of the City Plaza light towers.

Its obvious Versus didn’t take the time to take a real shot of Raleigh so they stitched some images together and this is the best they can come up with. But there’s no reason to get upset.

Well, maybe the Wachovia tower feels left out a little and can be upset.

I say go with it and get into the hype because this event is big deal for this area.

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  1. I’ve seen this commercial probably 20 or so times and never noticed this. Doesn’t bother me in the least.

  2. This is what Raleigh would look like if it wasn’t a designed hub of Research and Development. The leaders of our State in the 1950’s took a calculated risk that science and R&D would bring the most development not Manufacturing. R&D needs lab space which is not suited for Skyscrapers hence the idea of RTP. You cannot ignore the fact that RTP is the major reason that Raleigh/Durham is the success that it is. We will transition to this Versus alternate landscape eventually, especially if Red Hat moves downtown as an anchor tenant of a new building or takes over space vacated by Progress/Duke Energy.

  3. Raleigh will probably look like that in 20 years, at the most. Meeker has already hinted at looking to replace the RBC center anyhow; I’ll bet it’ll go downtown too.

  4. This building should have been and Will be downtown in the future (it’s a must for downtown growth and activity):

    The skyline could look like this if not for local small mind/lack of vision developers.

    Even more important:
    I was at the meetings: The RBC Center would be downtown if NOT for the following CLOWNS:

    Tom Fetzer, Paul Coble and city council member Briggs (of Briggs Hardware or better known as Fetzer’s lap dog)

    They did not even want the building built, the place broke out in a roar when they were out voted and Fetzer could not control the crowd, it was an “awesome moment in Raleigh history”.

  5. Commercial is excellent: Raleigh will eventually look like this once the NEW RBC Center is built downtown (and it should be built by 2021!!!!).

    I believe the early discussion is a location near Shaw University (that would also benefit the University).

    Come on Raleigh, start the process yesterday, this should be on the drawing board and ready to break ground in 2018.

    P.S. Think big with retail built into the building all around the outside street level of the RBC Center (by the way, whatever it takes, keep the name RBC Center, great ring to it and very cool logo)

  6. RBC Center Downtown is a MUST: Good suggestion about retail Thomas. Need street activity, not just blank walls.
    Make SURE there is a large parking lot around the building (we NEED our Tail Gaters).

    Talk about vision and being different: would be a FIRST, have a re-trackable roof that slides open on each goal end of stadium (the open roof opens over a plaze on both ends of building). On cold winter nights, open the roof to the night sky, we do not get alot of snow here (how cool would that be to watch a game, not worry about snow and the team plays under an open roof – of course strategic lighting will have to be worked out)

    My guess Raleigh will build enough to satisfy tastes instead of a signature facility that is different

  7. Just move to Charlotte or Atlanta, Jerry. Raleigh will not be as big as you want it to be for a long time. It isn’t feasible now.

  8. Jerry, RBC Center went where it is now because of NCSU, not the city leaders, who had very little power to influence the decision. If you ever saw the plans for redevelopment then you would be able to understand why it went there – and I am glad it did at that point in time. The reason was simple: DT Raleigh simply “wasn’t there” and an arena would have brought too much traffic in an area that simply could not handle it – even to this day. Not to mention the lack of destinations, which would be easier to build around the current location than downtown. If you want to blame someone, blame the developers who backed out of the redevelopment effort and those who put all that suburban crap around an area that screamed for urban development. That was totally against the vision for a large scale [urban] redevelopment that was presented back then.

    DT Raleigh has come a long way from where it was 20 years ago. It will be wise to consider building a new arena in the future in the downtown area, but we need to plan it very carefully. We need proximity to I-40/I-440, possibly plan for a future light-rail stop, and most of all avoid any proximity to NIMBYs – that would be the hardest if you really want a downtown arena.

    As is, our skyline is poor and underwhelming, so I would not hope for a location that demonstrates that. However, if the proposed projects are to be built, I can see a nice skyline view from the North-South axis. There may be some good opportunities between MLK Blvd and I-40/I-440 (to the South) and I think we may need to take a close look around that section, after we include it in the downtown proper.

  9. New Arena where Dix hospital is now. Excellent view and access to Downtown Raleigh with proximity to I-40 and plenty of surface parking. The 90% of the property the arena doesn’t use can be a park. That is the real vison for Raleigh.

  10. Wow… Are y’all really that dense. This shot is a mix of all the cities with an NHL team, including Raleigh. I sincerely believe Raleigh will be bigger skyline wise in about 5 years, but I doubt it will look like BostRalYorkLanta. This is exactly what this commercial is portraying. The players are heroes in a hockey Gotham. Calm down everyone. Go Canes!

  11. What constitutes as a ‘poor’ skyline? Raleigh has a distinct skyline. Good lord some people on these blogs are really outrageous; no pride in this city at all. You really want Raleigh as a skyline, nothing more? Because that’s what it sounds like and I keep hearing that nonsense over and over.

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