1. I LOVE Christmas- it’s my FAVORITE time of the year! I will listen to only Christmas music, all day long beginning the day after Thanksgiving and until New Year’s. That being said, putting Christmas decorations up BEFORE Halloween (ahem, Crabtree Valley mall) and at the beginning of November is just ridiculous. So… now we have 2.5 months of Christmas every year? Whaaaaa?

  2. I’m loving the holiday spirit here! My vinyl record of Willie Nelson playing Christmas songs is by far one of my most prized possessions. Fire in the house = grab (in this order): wife, 2 puppies, laptop, Willie Nelson Christmas record. Glad to see Raleigh Connoisseur spreading the holiday spirit.

    BTW, I came across a good read the other day on role social media will play this Christmas. http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/technology/11/02/09/marketers-tap-social-media-ahead-holidays

    I wonder if Santa is starting to take christmas ideas via Twitter?

  3. yes, i also found the christmas decorations at CTV while i was looking for halloween stuff to be upsetting.
    the wreaths of f street actually look really nice, plus it is november and part of the “holiday” season i guess. still weird when it’s 75 and fall leaves everywhere

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