New Bar Opening at 112 Fayetteville Street

Image via Flickr

The Fayetteville Street Tavern has closed but now something new is brewing in the space at 112 Fayetteville Street. I had a chance to talk to one of the guys behind the new bar and he briefly showed me around the place. This will be a huge step up from the old Fayetteville Street Tavern and downtown beer monkeys should really enjoy this one.

Zack, one of the owners, showed me around and said there would be a focus on local beer and local art. The brick wall, shown in the picture above, will be a gallery showcasing local art. The beer selection is still up in the air but there are plans to offer products from the local breweries. The bar will also be drinking only and right now, the kitchen will be closed.

Also up in the air is the name. A website does exist but the guys have a long way to go until opening and things may change between now and then.

There are many more pictures of the construction progress up on Flickr as well.

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  1. Good luck to them. That block right now seems to be the quietest on Fay St. Spize and Crema seem to be just barely hanging on, even though they have some of the most delicious bites downtown. Hopefully more businesses can get in that block and they can together draw more people.

  2. More places to drink beer are always welcome. From the website and flickr photos it looks like these guys are doing things right. Looks like it’ll be a great place to just meet some friends and grab a couple of drinks. I think the focus on local/NC beers would be a great draw as well.

    Good luck to them, can’t wait to check it out.

  3. RaleighRob, i agree with you on that. i always feel bad when i walk by there because the food is so good, but it seems so quiet. i’m also worried about all the new eateries/bars, because if they don’t make it, it’s just more empty spaces, and it also sucks in general.

  4. Not much of a bar guy, but love supporting local establishments rather than the national chains! Sounds like it is in a great location and I am looking forward to the opening!

  5. I wish the new venue best of luck, from the bottom of my heart. The 100-block of Fayetteville Street is a tough portion to make attractive enough to draw larger crowds. Not as many opportunities for good street-level activity, IMO, unlike the other 4 blocks.

  6. This “local beer” craze is getting annoying. Just give us the option to drink the beer we want, not the beer you think we should drink. Good luck to them nonetheless.

  7. Heh…don’t worry. There’s tons of bars out there that will serve non-local beer for you. I’m sure you’ll find Chotchkie’s accommodating for ya. ;-)

  8. Besides, the post says there will be a focus on local beer, not that it will be the only thing served. Out of the hundred or so bars in the downtown area, the only ones I can think of off the top of my head that serve exclusively local beer are Foundation and Boylan Bridge (because they brew their own).

  9. Ive gotten to see some of the construction process and its really coming along. By the time its finished its gonna look AMAZING!!!

    Also love the idea of local brews and local artists. We need a bar with Raleigh pride that supports local artists (like myself!)

    Its gonna be a great spot for holiday parties and just hangin out…CANT WAIT TIL IT OPENS!!!!!

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