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Demolition fencing is up around the Garland H Jones building. Sad that renovation did not happen here. The floors are being gutted out now so get down there and take some last minute pics before the future occurs.

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  1. Excellent! What an ugly 1950/60 building (no character). Keep tearing down the garbage. Next to go: The Dawson The Hue, 222 Glenwood, oh yes, that Blount Street Commons mess.

  2. Leo –

    Thank you SO much for covering this travesty. We wring our hands about all the great architecture that was torn down to make way for parking lots, etc., back in the 60’s and 70’s, and here we have a gem being torn down right in our midst and we’re just going to let it happen without fight and any questions asked. I believe with all my heart that in 20 years, we’ll really be regretting this one.

    This building certainly elicits a lot of reactions – and nothing much in the middle. That’s the thing about “recent past” – not enough time has gone by to appreciate it for the outstanding piece of architecture that it is – people think it’s ugly because it’s what they grew up around, so we take it for granted – the ranches, cathedral ceilings, most modern architecture, etc., phenomenon…the same thing happens every generation – Victorians were once reviled and now they’re adored (hello, Oakwood Candlelight Tour) – then it was art deco, then it was bungalows…

    What’s really sad is that the County has gotten a carte blanche to do whatever they feel like doing to our downtown and do not have to follow the same prodecures and oversight that everyone else must do – they couldn’t care less if it affects us negatively or not. Everyone is afraid to rock the boat with them too, and I think that is perhaps the biggest tragedy of all. Raleigh Historic Districts Commission, Dan Becker, Preservation North Carolina, Capital Area Preservation – they all have their heads stuck in the sand. No one wants to fight the fight, and ask why this amazing building is being torn down to make way for a freaking PLAZA – I am grievously disappointed in ALL of them. I really don’t understand how a “plaza” is making the “way for the future” – someone, please explain that to me.

    Our tax dollars spent millions of dollars to renovate this building just a few short years ago, our tax dollars are going to towards tearing it down and hauling it off to the landfill – not to mention the 1924 Lawyers Building as well – and our tax dollars are going towards building that monstrosity that is going to replace it.

    Thanks again for putting this disaster on our front burners…

  3. I actually did the electrical renovation for this building around 1994. They spent a ton of money to do that project. What a waste. It had such good potential.

    “Totally off-topic – anyone know of any blogs that cover other areas of the Triangle? RTP, Durham, Chapel Hill, etc… I’ve been subscribing to this blog for a couple of weeks so far and have enjoyed it, thanks!”
    Start here:

  4. Good ridance – except for the Lawyers Bldg, which is a shame to lose :( Too bad the county leaders don’t have the vision and guts to deliver something outstanding on this site. Something more urban, with more character and certainly bigger. It was time to overwhelm the nearby crap – Courthouse and County Jail – with something exceptional, but we missed a great chance and now we can only hope for something better in the few remaining spots around there.

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