Downtown Walking Tour (part 2)

Here are the next 10 stops on the downtown walking tour. The Moore Square and Helig-Levine pics are more recent. I had put HL off due to construction this past winter. Also, the park looks better in the summer then in January.

Should the convention center really be included in the downtown walking tour? The RCC is a great example of Raleigh’s revitalization and it could be argued that it is leading the way for a new downtown in the near future. But the convention center is just too new, with no real history yet. I think it should be taken off. Anyone have any thoughts?

11. Raleigh Convention and Conference Center (under construction)

12. Progress Energy Center for the Performing Arts & Memorial Auditorium

13. Shaw University (founded 1865)

14. Rogers-Bagley-Daniels-Pegues House (c. 1855)

15. City Market (1914)

16. Moore Square (est. 1792)

17. Tabernacle Baptist Church (1881-1909)

18. Exploris (1999, Now Marbles Museum)

19. Montague Building (1912)

20. Heilig-Levine Building (c. 1870, Under Renovation)

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  1. Leo,

    With all the cool pictures of Raleigh you have on this site, think about putting some on Share Your Raleigh.

    What the CVB is trying to do with that site is pretty interesting. I would think your readers in particular would have all sorts of insights…


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