Downtown Walking Tour (part 1)

Visit Raleigh is probably the official website for Raleigh tourist information. On their webpage, they have a downtown walking tour. This self guided tour takes you to 65 stops spread out all over downtown. To do the entire tour yourself takes some time and I’ve been working on getting a picture of each stop. I have not finished the tour yet, and honestly have been putting it off for awhile, but the weather is slowly getting nicer so I’ll be wrapping up my report soon enough. Here are the first 10 stops on the tour. I’ll post the rest over the next few weeks.

1. State Capitol Building (1840)

2. First Presbyterian Church (1900)

3. Odd Fellows Building (1924)

4. Raleigh Banking and Trust Building (1913-1936)

5. Masonic Temple (1907)

6. Briggs Hardware Building (1874) and Raleigh City Museum

7. Capital Club Building (1930)

8. Century Post Office (1874)

9. Wake County Courthouse (1970) and Office Building (1942)

10. Sir Walter Hotel (1924)

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  1. Why on earth would they put the Wake County Courthouse on this tour? It’s hideous!

    I’m glad you’re photographing this tour now – so if I ever decide to take it I know which stops to skip! Thanks!

  2. I love the fact that you’re doing this. I’ve been after the city to do something like this for a long time.

    Truth be told the 64 stops are part of a larger historical tour called the Capital City Trail.

    The city has stopped printing the brochure but a lot of the signs for the tour are still up. You’ll probably notice the signs and that the numbers don’t match up with the ones on the Visitor’s Bureau site.

    The original brochure has a great deal of information on over 100 historic buildings, homes, and sites.

    I have the brochure and would love to work on this project with you if you’re interested.

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