Downtown Walking Tour (part 3)

Here is the third set of 10 pictures from the Downtown Raleigh Walking Tour. You can really tell how different the pictures look in the winter then if taken in the summer. When the trees have their leaves, they block most of the sites and it is hard to get the whole building into the frame. Most of these pictures were also taken by my much smaller camera, with no zoom by the way, so the picture quality is modest. The newer ones that I am taking now are with a much better camera. The State Bank was a tough one because it had trees in the way, plus its in a difficult location.

I may wait a month or so for the leaves to fall before I continue taking pictures of the walking tour. I think I prefer the pictures to be without any leaves obstructing the view. What do you prefer?

21. Horton-Beckham-Bretsch House (c. 1890)

22. White-Holman House, “White Hall” (c. 1799)

23. Montgomery House (1906)

24. Haywood Hall (c. 1799)

25. State Bank of North Carolina (1833)

26. Christ Episcopal Church (1854)

27. Richard B. Haywood House (1854)

28. North Carolina Museum of History (1994)

29. Agriculture Building (1923)

30. Labor Building (1888)

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  1. Christ Episcopal is probably my favorite of the churches in and around downtown. Walking around it, makes you feel like you’re in old England.

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