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I’ve got some random info that I’m compiling into this one post about a couple residential projects. The Hue condominium project on the corner of Dawson and Hargett St. has shown some activity recently. The old Realty building that was on the lot has been demolished and construction fencing has been set up. I received an e-mail about the current progress of the project:

The development company, Trammel Crow Residential, closed on the purchase of the property on July 31st. As of August, our building and floor plans were submitted to the City of Raleigh for approval. Upon approval, our floor plans and pricing will be made available to you and will be added to our website.

We plan to hold our reservation event in Fall, 2007. As we move forward we will be able to provide you with specific dates and times. This information will also be added to our website.

According to their website, RBC Plaza claims that all the condos have sold out. This sounds like a great accomplishment for downtown Raleigh but I’m not going out celebrating just yet. I’m really hoping that the people who bought these condos do intend to live in them. I would hate to hear that most of the buyers of the high rise condos are ones that do not plan to move in and thought that investing in these properties would make them a quick buck when they flip it late next year. Only time will tell.

I have not posted this one yet but 222 Glenwood has a webcam set up on their website. The building has taken shape and walls are being put up. I’m anxious to see this one built and am curious as to what shops or restaurants will occupy the ground floor spaces. Glenwwod is feeling more like a canyon as these buildings go up, just great!

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