Cameron Crest Townhomes coming to St. Mary’s Street

Almost two years ago, we saw plans for townhomes at 416 St. Mary’s Street after the removal of some single-family homes on the site. Not much has happened since. Now, the developer, Edinburgh Development, and sales firm Monarch Realty Co., has announced that Cameron Crest, shown in the rendering above, is up for reservations on the same location.

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No doubt the units will be high-end being four-stories, averaging 2,700 square feet, and including a rooftop terrace. Customizations are also possible to add that personal touch.

Construction has officially started so maybe we’ll get a feel for the new homes around this time next year. Like I said in the previous post, it’s great to see townhome “row house” units being built near downtown. It’s a great way to add density as well as give people some space.

Plans Show New Townhome Project for St. Mary’s Street

St. Mary's Street near Calvin Road. February 2018.

St. Mary’s Street near Calvin Road. February 2018.

Plans on the city’s website (S-050-17) show a small project that will include six townhomes for an area on St. Mary’s Street near the intersection of Calvin Road. (between Tucker and North) Three lots are being combined for the townhomes and currently, only a single house sits on these lots.

There were two other homes here but they were demolished sometime in 2016 so I imagine the last one, shown above, will come down with this project.

Preliminary site plans show the six units in one building with rooftop decks and parking garages located along an existing alley behind the units. The alley is currently accessible on Tucker Street and is mainly used by the residents in The Devon.

Map of proposed townhomes

Seems like a straightforward project and a product that’s much needed in and around downtown. I like the idea of further using an existing alley for additional vehicle access rather than creating new streets.

Rendering of proposed townhomes