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This view has always been an interesting one. As the sidewalk along the west side of Person Street opens up now just before Spring, we see two sides here. On one side, we have The Acorn, a soon-to-open apartment building, and on the other, we have an almost 100-year-old building with a new coffee shop in it, Little Native Coffee.

Now, I’m admitting my naivety a bit as I do not recall the businesses in the older building before the coffee shop. If you know, let us all know on the Community. The apartments look almost done and should have new residents moving in later this year. On the flip side, I do recall what came before the apartments and that was a surface parking lot. It had been that way for many decades from what I have seen on older maps.

That’s why I think this view is great. We’re filling in the spaces that we have in downtown with nothing here being demolished. There’s a time and place for demolition but it’s refreshing to see something that I think a lot of people can agree on: there’s no reason to save a surface parking lot.

Fill em in!

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