Idyle Bringing Ten Net-Zero Energy Homes to Bloodworth Street

Above is an artist’s rendering of a new project, already under construction, at the corner of Bloodworth and Cabarrus Streets. The Raleigh Architecture Company has designed ten homes here and the sales website claims that they are net-zero energy homes.

“Your high-tech home will have produced as much renewable energy as it has consumed, ebbing your carbon footprint + erasing most of your energy bill.

“Most” of your energy bill probably means that there will be solar panels installed. Houses with solar but still connected to the electric grid still have to pay a base fee. Either way, at around $15 a month, that’s not a hard claim to make I think.

Formerly, four single-family homes were located on this site, some being relocated and I believe one or two were demolished. (need to confirm this) Either way, we’re seeing another example of soft density increases in the areas around downtown.

The higher density trends, including mid-rises and high-rises, are actually heading toward the western sides of downtown and townhomes like these, duplexes, and quads are becoming more common on the eastern side.

I’d love to see more homes having solar added as part of new construction and perhaps we’re seeing this as the tax credits are plentiful for solar as part of the federal government’s Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.

We’ll check back in once these homes are closer to completion.

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