The Saint Townhomes Take Shape and Elevate

The Saint townhomes. July 2018.

The Saint townhomes. July 2018.

It’s been almost a year since we checked in on the townhomes along St. Mary’s Street, The Saint, and these units are coming along nicely. The 17 units offer something truly unique to downtown, the city even, as they are high in quality and design. With a mix of floor plans and views, each unit offers something different.

The designer, a product of the NC State School of Design, has worked pretty diligently when considering quality and going above and beyond the standards. The units should be high in design when walking through but also solid underneath. (foam insulation, cast iron pipes, 2×6 studs, etc)

True, some of this may be expected due to the higher price but there’s something to be said for delivering units that are quiet in an urban area. Noise issues may not exist if downtown apartment and townhome buildings were designed to their environment, rather than at the minimum. (what’s on paper)

The Saint has 10 of 17 units sold as of recently and should have residents moving in early 2019 or so. Let’s hope high design makes a splash so that others work to incorporate those successul elements into future projects.

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