State of Downtown Raleigh 2018: Highlights Part 1

Aerial view of downtown Raleigh

Every Spring, the Downtown Raleigh Alliance releases their “State of” report and it’s full of data goodness about our city’s core. If you want to dive into it, go here.

Having seen a few of these, there are some stats that I go for each year and I wanted to put them down here for Part 1.


Government everywhere.

We’re still a government town and the figure below shows the latest breakdown of employment by sector.

Employment by Sector - State of downtown Raleigh 2018

Downtown Raleigh has the densest office market in the Triangle. The count of urban workers is now at 47,000 and is projected to be at 56,500 by 2030.

Compared to last year:

  • Government went up 1%
  • Tech is up almost 2%
  • Accomodation and Food Services is up 1%

The rest more or less went down a percentage point.



There are now 8,500 residents living in downtown Raleigh and we’re projected to hit 10,000 by 2022. The occupancy rate is also at 95%, up one over last year so we’re ready to absorb more units.

Population Highlights - State of downtown Raleigh 2018

List of Projects

And finally, here’s the big list of developments from the report showing completed, under construction, and planned projects in downtown Raleigh.

List of developments - State of downtown Raleigh 2018

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  1. The price tag on City Gateway is clearly way off. Perhaps that’s how much funding is available right now and explains why it hasn’t moved forward. Check out the cost of the similar size buildings on that list… most about 4x-5x as much. Would be great to see an energy neutral building in such a prominent location in our city.

  2. I like these blog posts and comments. Can you keep them in addition to the community forum?

  3. The posts aren’t foimf anywhere. Expect the same kind of comments. The discussion is moving in order to be more inclusive and move to a much better platform. It also allows myself to manage it all much more effectively.

    I’m working on ways to tightly integrate both sides. Hopefully it’ll be an easy adjustment for all!

  4. PLUS Dueling Piano Bar coming to Glenwood South in the old High Five location (510 Glenwood Ave)

    ” Besides being the largest dueling piano bar in America, we will also be the most technically advanced. Get ready for a sound and light show that will blow your mind! Our revolving stage will be the center piece of our over 8,000 sf dueling palace! Our piano players will be very in tune and aware of the basic fundamentals of a dueling piano show! We are appreciative of our lessons learned in the more traditional mindset of dueling pianos and we don’t want to lose that dynamic of the show! We will take all that knowledge and bring you an ALL REQUEST dueling piano show on steroids. “

  5. I just read the light rail prospectus that was served up for this project and it totally reads like a nice to have, not a must have. I don’t think that they did a good job making their case for its need. In today’s political climate, if you can’t make your case, you’re dead in the water.

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