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I’m excited to announce that I’m making a drastic change to the commenting that has been taking place for years on this blog. Soon, it will be closed for good. Instead, I’m hosting a much more powerful platform for online conversations and discussions that will all take place on the DTRaleigh Community.

Built on Discourse, this will allow readers to engage on topics much easier and with richer features. Embed maps, images, docs easily and keep up with the conversation on the go with the Discourse app.

While the Community is technically separate from the blog, I’m going to try my best to keep all blog content on the Community as well. In theory, you could never visit this site again and not miss a beat.

For those that don’t follow the conversation, it’s business as usual. I encourage you to follow however as the conversations typically dive into the topics even deeper than here on the blog and sometimes, the community reports things first before anyone else.

See you on the forums.

NOTE: Commenting on this blog will close on June 1.


In B 4 the lock!

@ Leo
Thank you for this new format, as well as all the years you have given in this forum. I am humbled!
The Community appears awesome! I have already joined, but still learning about…
Questions for you:
How do we contact you directly and how do we support you financially in the new Community?

Here’s to “The Undiscovered Country”!

Yes! A whole new playground! 😀

Users can direct message each other so feel free to contact me there. Or, my email isn’t hard to find so contact me directly.

Hey Leo, I have a couple of questions about the community forum.
1.) Will there be a link from this blog to the community?
2.) Will we be able to start our own conversation topics? If so, how?
Future “John” on the community.
PS: Thanks for the continued focus on DT Leo. Like the community, DT Raleigh is headed for some exciting times!

1) Yes. I plan to add a link at the bottom of every post pointing to it as a way of “continuing the conversation”

2) Keep posting and using it. The built-in “trust level” will unlock features to those who put time I to it. I’ll share more details about that soon.

A shout out to Leo for the slick new community forum. I encourage everyone to check it out and sign up.

Love the new forums , but why not put a “community” link in this blogs nav bar that links to the forum and then put a custom menu item on discourse that links back to the blog?

Great suggestion! I’m rolling it out in pieces. (or as time allows for me)

Sorry, comments have been archived. Please continue the discussion on the DTRaleigh Community.

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