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Renovation work in the lobby of Two Hannover Square

Lobby of Two Hannover Square. February 2018.

The lobby of Two Hannover Square is being renovated. A rendering of the new lobby is laid out on display, seen below, showing a sleeker, more modern space.

This is probably a minor point by itself but with the recent renovation of One City Plaza maybe the tide is rising on office rents in downtown Raleigh. I imagine nicer lobbies are intended to attract higher-paying tenants.

Or it could just be a changing of the times as the buildings may have been the same for decades. Something to look out for in our older office buildings.

Renovation work in the lobby of Two Hannover Square

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    None right now. Must be a new project.


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  1. Two Hannover has the sort of two floor pass-thru path that I’d like to see the new hotel have on Morgan at Glenwood.

  2. ITB Insider has blurb about the new City Government Campus. Also, they have attached the presentation from last week’s city council meeting. While not an actual design, it is nice to know where they are leaning. Hopefully we can get some decent architecture for the new complex.

  3. @Steve yeah no shit, and Raleigh’s “counterculture” is already being whitewashed and strained by high rents as it is. Good thing there’s no way Amazon is coming here. If they do “choose” us, I will eat my next Amazon shipment box.

  4. Looks like no renderings but the place-holders look like sub-20 stories. No way they will hold all city of Raleigh employees. I’m guessing two sub-30 story towers? How is that cheaper than one 40+ story? That doesn’t really leave room for future growth, I would imagine in 2050 or 2070 they would need more room and have to build another office building and go through this same process.

  5. You’re surprised that the city government isn’t planning speculative office space for 52 years from now?

  6. TBJ mentioned two properties on Hillsborough Street have been purchased by the developers of One Gleenwood. I couldn’t read the article b/c not a subscriber. I checked the Wake County GIS and two properties at the corner of Hillsborough and Boylan and Morgan and Boylan are owned by “Two Glenwood”. The property sell date was Feb 12. Anyone have any info on this?

  7. If I’m understanding this news correctly this purchase is west half of same block where One Glenwood is being built. According to iMAPS the lots purchased on Feb 12th by Glenwood Two are Dram & Draught and old NC Dept of Insurance building where SHIIP offices were once located. Oh my, things are really heating up in this section of town!

  8. I can’t help but think with all the development around the Glenwood/Hillsborough intersection…. The two narrow parcels between Glenwood Ave and the railroad tracks would make a cool urban park for the workers/residents in the area. It isn’t really big enough for much of a building, but a small neighborhood park would be an awesome use of this land.

  9. With so much development on Hillsborough I wouldn’t be surprised with the current Hillsborough Street Renewal Project will be outdated in 15 to 25 years if we ever get a pro progress/development city council. I could see a skinny tramway/streetcars that runs down the middle of the road like 1800’s Raleigh or current Istanbul or Charlotte. The 6 or so planned and existing roundabouts are no issue since there’s tramways that run straight through roundabouts in other countries.

    People google Raleigh streetcar system and be amazed. Wish we kept that.

  10. While I agree a streetcar system on hillsborough would be cool, it’d basically be parallel to the light rail that would follow the railroad tracks. I don’t think it’d be beneficial to have both.

  11. @Will, yep, Hillsborough won’t be seeing any major transit investments. It’ll be commuter rail on the Amtrak ROW and BRT along Western.

  12. Streetcars would be too slow for commuter service. The future heavy rail has few stops spread out. A street car would be for hopping on and then getting off just a few hundred feet away. It’s more of a nice to have item that a future Raleigh might invest in.

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