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Pic taken at 7:30 pm.

BB&T, why do you hate downtown? Why can’t you turn on your lights when it gets dark? You spent all that money on upgrading your signage recently and now you want to stay in the shadows while tons of people roam downtown during dinner time. Stop showing up late to the party and flip the switch before the sun sets, ok? Thanks!

(total joke but seriously they kind of do turn the lights on a bit too late)

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  1. tell progress energy to turn on the rooftop lights on the new progress plaza as well… they havent done so in over two years!

  2. Somehow, I have a feeling that Citigroup will go after BB&T and that sign will change, but don’t take this seriously… I am only speculating.

  3. Glad I’m not the only one to notice this. It seems RBC, Wachovia and Clarion light their towers well, but BB&T and Progress Energy towers have been darker than what I remember in years past. I don’t understand it.

  4. Agreed. What’s cool is that every year the lights atop the BB&T tower are green during the Christmas season. Looks very cool when flying into RDU and seeing that Gotham City look in the distance. They should not only keep the lights on, but keep them green all year. My $0.02

  5. ^Or various colors for various holidays. :-)

    Which is what I kinda expected the shimmer wall to do. Orange would have been pretty cool for Halloween…but alas all they did was random colors since it’s opened. I hope they at least do red and green for Christmas.

  6. While the lights do like nice when on, I wonder if Progress and BB&T have starting to think more sustainably and have decided not to waste so much energy on lights that are completely unnecessary. In addition to that, these lights that are essentially aimed at the sky and are also contributing to light pollution at night. For Instance, during cloudy skies, the reflects of the clouds making it unusually bright outside at night. I say, good for Progress and BB&T for setting aside their egos to think in a more environmentally friendly ways.

  7. I think in our current economic situation that the engineer for the BB&T tower must have been laid off and they forgot to redistribute his/her job responsibilities. Somebody should just put a note on the exit saying at 5pm please switch on sign. That way everybody has the responsibility. I’m sure this has nothing to do with a broken photocell or bad timer.

    As for Progress Energy, when the CEOs of the Big 3 Auto companies are being chastised for flying to Washington D.C. in private jets to ask Congress for $25 Billion why would a power company who is raising rates 10% want to seem as if they were wasting power? Not lighting their building is just a sign of the times.

  8. I think that the lights have more to do with the change in time. Cameron Village management seem to have some troubles adjusting the timers for their lights, at least in some sections of Cameron Village. I agree with michael, though. It is probably a good idea to put aside egos and be less concerned with their image and more concerned with the economics and the impact of light pollution – not that a few logos will pollute, though.

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