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Construction site for the future Residence Inn.

Construction site for the future .

The future Residence Inn is showing a few floors of progress here on Salisbury Street. The nine-story hotel comes after years of delays and changes so it’s great to see this moving.

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@ Leo
Great picture, thanks for the update!

Oh that is good to see! Thanks for sharing.

Leo , I thought that this hotel would have a tenth floor restaurant !

I read that the previous plan of 11 stories were reduced to 9 but still would have that rooftop restaurant.

Thanks Leo ! Sure wish for the 11 stories though!

From the most recent story with a rendering on this blog, http://dtraleigh.com/2014/08/updated-renderings-plans-new-convention-center-hotel/ there is only 9 stories. I’ve seen other renderings that are identical (but different angles) with the same 9 stories. The original 11 story building looked terrible, so while more floors would be nice, the final product is way better. There is supposed to be a rooftop bar (or restaurant?) on the top, so that’s pretty cool for Raleigh.

From Triangle Business Journal: The new plans show that the hotel will have a 5,066-square-foot restaurant space at street level, as well as an additional 1,389 square feet of retail space on the corner. It will also have a terrace for guests on the second floor and a bar and terrace are on the top floor of the hotel.

Looking into this more with Dwight, let’s start a timeline:

8-14-14: TBJ article says 9 stories
9-30-14: SP-59-14 submitted showing a 9-story hotel
1-13-15: SP-59-14 reviewed at planning commission shows a 10-story hotel.

Dwight, great catch! If the added floor made it to the final design then the difference between the 9 and 10-story hotel is:

– Increase from 116′ to 130′ in height
– Increase from 154 to “166 dwelling units, 10 hotel units” (whatever that means)

Thanks Leo ! Hope that the 10 story plan did make it to the final design !

Right on Dwight!
This project will be the next to complete in downtown, won’t it? Should be topped out in less than 5 weeks.

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