1. From the most recent story with a rendering on this blog, http://dtraleigh.com/2014/08/updated-renderings-plans-new-convention-center-hotel/ there is only 9 stories. I’ve seen other renderings that are identical (but different angles) with the same 9 stories. The original 11 story building looked terrible, so while more floors would be nice, the final product is way better. There is supposed to be a rooftop bar (or restaurant?) on the top, so that’s pretty cool for Raleigh.

  2. From Triangle Business Journal: The new plans show that the hotel will have a 5,066-square-foot restaurant space at street level, as well as an additional 1,389 square feet of retail space on the corner. It will also have a terrace for guests on the second floor and a bar and terrace are on the top floor of the hotel.

  3. Looking into this more with Dwight, let’s start a timeline:

    8-14-14: TBJ article says 9 stories
    9-30-14: SP-59-14 submitted showing a 9-story hotel
    1-13-15: SP-59-14 reviewed at planning commission shows a 10-story hotel.

    Dwight, great catch! If the added floor made it to the final design then the difference between the 9 and 10-story hotel is:

    – Increase from 116′ to 130′ in height
    – Increase from 154 to “166 dwelling units, 10 hotel units” (whatever that means)

  4. Right on Dwight!
    This project will be the next to complete in downtown, won’t it? Should be topped out in less than 5 weeks.

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