1. Glad to see another project starting! Not the coolest looking hotel,granted. Another hotel nonetheless. The rooftop restaurant is a bonus!

    I think 2016 is going to be a GREAT year! For DT Raleigh and Raleigh as a whole!

    Bring on the cranes lol!!!!!!

  2. You got that right Adrian . I was talking to a city councilor a few months back & he said that his last visit to Austin , he counted 14 cranes in the downtown core area . I think we may see 7/8 cranes in our downtown core area in 2016 . This is fantastic for Raleigh ! I remember when Raleigh’s population was 65,000 & called “the sleepy capital of the south” !

  3. Major League Soccer and Raleigh are back in the headlines. For all the naysayers, I will go on recorded saying I am. It a huge soccer fan…but slowly growing into the game…..slowly. The N&O is talking about its 10-year plan which includes a significant focus on a sports venue Downtown. Given the Canes are locked into PNC thru 2024….all roads lead to MLS. Interestingly, the Railhawks are officially owned by a “local” owner….an eastern NC raised immigrant who made a fortune in the Raleigh tech sector.

    MLS first, minor league baseball potentially in parallel, and a new Canes facility by 2026…,downtown!!!

  4. I will go on “record”. I am “not” a huge fan….but growing into it. (This site needs edit capability :))

  5. I’ve been hoping that the Carolina Railhawks would move to downtown Raleigh. I think the Railhawks should change their name to an aeronautical theme to recognize NC’s “First in Flight” history. I prefer the Carolina Aviators FC. It’s great to see that the new owner is trying to secure the MLS bid. MLS has said they want a team in NC. Hopefully we can beat out Charlotte.

  6. Hurricanes are locked in through 2024 and the 10 year plan means we are looking at a window that ends in 2026. I wouldn’t count them out yet. They have low attendance right now and a new arena could be the anchor of our entertainment district while also giving them a boost. NCSU could then take full control of PNC Arena like they’ve always wanted. The Railhawks would be nice too. I think there is potentially room for both. Dix Park would be a good fit for a soccer stadium. They could put it on the 60 acres the Capital Area Soccer League is using. Finally, even though their is zero traction I wish the city would pursue getting a NBDL team that would be the Hornets affiliate. There has been no substantial talk of this but if we got a new arena that would be something to put in it. I know they’d be competing with college basketball but on the flipside if they had a few ex-ACC players on the team I think it could gain some traction. I love professional basketball so that’s more of a personal pipe dream than anything else.

    Unrelated: on my way home from work today I noticed a lot of construction going on inside the brick building behind the Court of Appeals. I think the address is 109 S Salisbury St judging by Google Maps. Anyone know whats going on?

  7. The N&O article on possible soccer stadium downtown mentions parcel at NE corner of MLK and McDowell St. This same location was recommended by Sasaki Associates (consultants for our downtown plan) as a sporting venue site. In fact the N&O is using a graphic from the Sasaki presentation which shows a round venue suitable for basketball or hockey.

    When it comes to a soccer stadium though I have my doubts such a venue would fit in location proposed. I checked the footprint of Avaya stadium (San Jose Earthquakes) and it would be a very tight fit indeed. Perhaps if stands were built over railroad tracks if that’s feasible?

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