One Month Away for The Gramercy Apartments Opening

The Gramercy Apartments

The Gramercy Apartments in Glenwood South is marching along and is planning to open in late June. In addition to the apartments, the retail space at the corner of Glenwood and North Street will have a grocery store and pharmacy. The plan is to open that close to the building’s opening so work inside that space is taking place now.

As always parking will be a concern to most folks but there is a plan for that. The parking lot across North Street, behind the building with Plates, Sushi Blues, and Thaiphoon, will be converted to a public lot run with Passport Parking. The first 30 minutes are free and you can use it any time for stopping by in the area.

It’ll be great to see some real resident-based services like this. The 7,000 square-foot grocery, the entirety of the retail space in The Gramercy by the way, will also have weekend farmer’s markets.

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  1. A grocery store? How excellent. Will be interesting to see how the Passport Parking lot handles the action. I wonder how late the place will stay open. Probably too small to have food stations such as a pizza oven, or a pasta bar, etc.

  2. Any word of a parking deck going in that space or any other space around or behind any of these buildings? BTW – walked by the new XXX Milk Bar the other day on Glenwood next to Sullivans.. and it looks awesome! They did such a great job with that space. Opening up the side with big open spaces and creating a side entrance was excellent. Glenwood South has such huge potential!

    Thoughts on the night club going in the old Harry’s Guitar shop next to Beer Garden? My opinion is that space would be great for another nice restaurant/bar with a rooftop. Or even retail on first floor with the restaurant bar upstairs (like the Rockford). I think putting a nightclub in such a great location in the mix of such a nice area of places.. hurts business around it. (Just my opinion). I don’t think the people going to the beer garden would like to be sitting outside on a nice night.. enjoying a drink .. and hear the noises of fist bumps next door…

  3. @Bob148, I agree wholeheartedly that opening up the Creamery bays on Tucker St vastly improves the streetside experience and makes the building and that space much more inviting and accessible. Those bays are actually where the milk delivery trucks used to back into the building to load up their daily deliveries so it was sort of a shame and not true to the history of the building (which received Federal historic tax credits), to seal them off. And also, much to my surprise, Milk Bar looks great too. I was worried that the club vibe/atmosphere runs counter to a place like Milk Bar making it….but then I noticed their FB page is advertising for hiring security among other positions, so maybe it is in fact aimed squarely at the #dudebros of Glenwood.

  4. @Mark – yeah, they did a great job. Very nice look and atmosphere. They have several really nice large chesterfield couches, a motorcycle, and even several skee-ball machines. Walked by yesterday and they had the doors open, live music and a lot of people.. looks like it will be a new great spot

  5. Saw on the news earlier retail and dining is up 18% downtown over last year. That should bode very well for all aspects of our downtown if that trend can continue.

  6. @Daniel – yes, I saw that as well.. definitely good news. Lets hope with all these new apartment buildings.. they leave large amounts of room on the first floors for retail and restaurants. I’ve noticed several don’t have much space for anything except for maybe a small boutique. I think Kane coming in will redefine a lot of spaces in a great way. I am really excited to see what happens with the warehouse district. The Dillon, Union Station and the Food Hall .. all great things happening there. I am also very interested to see what will develop with Kane on West Street. That area has such HUGE potential and space for many things. I am very optimistic about it.

  7. @Daniel, thanks for the info. Good tidings for downtown indeed. I’d be curious to know if there is anyway to attribute this to folks who visit downtown (locals or out of towners) vs people now living downtown. I have no real economic or sociology background. Anyway, where I’m going with this, is that I hope its mostly due to increase in actual residents since that is what drives things like the long sought grocery store and other neighborhood type retail. For me personally, I’m a bit over inviting hoards of non-residents downtown to prop up its existence, and hope most of the 18% is not due to increased visits…but I realize that is a conversation for another thread.

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