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Demolition taking place at The Dillon

Demolition is taking place at The Dillon. The former brick warehouse is coming down to make way for the mixed-use project that will include apartments and a 17-story office tower.

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  1. @ Leo
    Thank you so very much for the picture/update. It is really great to see things are finally starting to happen on the Dilion block. I’m looking forward to the crane as I can’t remember the last time a crane was seen in that part of downtown,(in a positive way), in a long time…?

  2. It’s worth ambling around down there….between Dillion demo, Union Station and HQ Raleigh’s recently cleared back parcel, you might not see this much activity in one area of downtown again in our life times (sorry for the mortality, and/or mid life crisis check). If One Glenwood and 301 Hillsborough overlap with their construction timelines, it’ll be like a massive phoenix rising down there.

  3. Thanks Leo for all the great daily info. that you give us ! What a Great Site ! Charter North has been through two pre-plans with the city , but has not presented final site plans .

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