Winterfest Celebration on Saturday, December 5

Winterfest 1

Planning is fun but so is getting out in our downtown. This year’s Winterfest will be on Saturday December 5 and it will include a whole list of activities.

There will of course be the ice rink, Raleigh’s only natural ice rink which runs up through the end of January. The December event will include a tree lighting, live music by Raleigh’s own American Aquarium, food trucks, and more.

The center of it all takes place in . Thank you to the City of Raleigh and Downtown Raleigh Alliance for putting it all together.

2015 Ipreo Raleigh

Date/Time: Sat., Dec. 5 from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m.
City Plaza and 300-400 Block of Fayetteville Street
Event website

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It will be 70 degrees for “winter” fest. Why not have this when it is actually winter?

^^Steve, would you like some cheese & crackers with that whine?

Steve, because it’s just as likely to be 70 degrees later in the winter as it is now.

Winter starts on 12/22/15 (21st at 11:48 PM EST if you want to be technical), so Steve is correct this is not in winter, it is Fall.

I’d imagine the date is chosen based on the fact they’re lighting a Christmas tree, and lighting it 3 days before Christmas might have a negative effect on the shopping district downtown. Wait…

I won’t get into the irony of the whiner comment.

Bidclerk is showing info. for 8 million dollar project for Raleigh Transportation Center, Bid Date Dec. 1st. , app. start date Dec. 17th .

^probably one of the trades for union station

A city friend just let me know that the $8,000,000 project is for “The Go Raleigh Bus Terminal” @ Moore Square !

An $8 million revamp for the bus station? I heard through the grapevine that the police station might be moving into Moore Square and the buses were going to be relocated. This is an interesting turn of events if the bus station is staying put.

New bus lane, new driver lounge, new public restroom, new elevator etc. no police moving in other than security. Buses are not going anywhere anytime soon! Much needed upgrades to improve function.

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