Park In Glenwood South Like a Pro


We hear it time and time again. “There’s no parking in downtown Raleigh.”

With so much technology around us, why aren’t we making this parking thing a lot simpler?

I worked with members of the Glenwood South Neighborhood Collaborative (GSNC) on a very helpful web app to guide visitors around parking in Glenwood South. There are actually a lot of spaces right off the main strip in the district that people are not taking advantage of. You can even use your phone to pay for your space.

We compiled all the info and are running it on the GSNC website so I encourage all readers to check it out.

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  1. When people claim “There’s no parking in Downtown Raleigh” they actually means there is no free street parking 10 steps away from whatever place they are trying to get to. There is plenty of parking downtown if you’re willing to spend $10 and walk 3 blocks.

  2. There is a ton of parking in downtown Raleigh. Oh wait, this says Glenwood South. Well, that’s different, that’s not downtown, that’s Glenwood South. The easy way to remember is if the neighborhood has a name, it’s not downtown, it’s that neighborhood. You can tell because it has a name.

  3. And it says a lot about the type of people that are downtown. You tend to meet and see people downtown who are willing to walk more than 5 steps to their destination. Therefore you get a certain type of person, where as in other areas you get…well… You can fill in th blanks…

  4. @Andy,
    Using your logic, there isn’t any downtown at all since all five districts have a name.
    Oh, then again, maybe downtown only exists outside the boundaries of the five districts?

  5. Yeah I’m not really understanding Andy’s ‘tude, either? I like to consider Glenwood South as part of downtown, and believe the connection will become even more apparent as the space between downtown-proper and G.S. fills in over the years.

  6. Any chance Andy was being sarcastic toward those who still don’t realize that GS has been an integral part of downtown for a long time now? Quite frankly, that’s what I gathered ;)

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