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Raleigh Space parklet on Salisbury Street

The Raleigh [ ] Space parklet on Salisbury Street is looking real good this Spring.

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  1. Hey Raleigh Connoisseur readers,
    I’m the parklet sponsor, and I apologize for only now seeing the discussion from March. I wanted to address the “why’s it taking so long” question. There are lots of ways these things can happen… the most expeditious is to have lots of money and pay to make it happen fast! We did raise money, but we also got a ton of donations… including labor. Truth is, this has been built by a couple of key individuals plus weekend help from lots of folks, mostly NCSU Students. So, like any construction project, it came down to weather, timing, etc. The UP side of this is that it has been a truly collaborative effort.

    But now it’s up and functional (yay!). And i have to say, we have people using it constantly… lunch, meetings, rest, wedding photos! I do hear your comments about the parking spaces, though most people prefer the parklet so far. I assuage any tinge of guilt by counting how many dumpsters are using parking spaces on our block alone.

    Thanks for your patience and support. I’m going to keep paying the parking fees as long as i can afford it and hope we can enjoy it for much longer than we spent watching it go up!!
    Fondly, Pam Blondin, owner, Deco Raleigh

  2. Pam, thanks for the parklet…. it looks great and is a cool addition to our downtown. Love your store, btw.

  3. @Pam – ignore the squares who complain about losing TWO parking spaces. There is an abundance of parking in Raleigh as it is, and the parklet is much more valuable to the city than two street parking spots! LOVE how it turned out, & can’t wait to see it continue to evolve and be put to good use! Thanks for your investment in our great city!

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