Huge Renovation Underway at 326 Hillsborough Street

326 Hillsborough Street in February 2015
The renovations happening at Street are really showing off these days. The restaurant Taverna Agora, currently in North Raleigh, is planning to move to this spot in downtown Raleigh. New awnings and lots of work on a second floor are visible from the street.

This building has been empty for several years. At one point, next-door neighbor Second Empire had plans to renovate this space but that never came to be.

326 Hillsborough Street in February 2015


Glad to see this finally moving along! Never been to Taverna Agora, mostly because of the location. I’ve heard very good things, and the new spot seems great!

This is a rendering of the finished product:

I have been to Taverna Agora twice and both times it was excellent. I am SOOOOOO looking forward to its relocation downtown. Its current location is really the only reason I haven’t been there more often.

One more thing. It’s great to see activity in that location. It’s what I like to call “the place between the places”. While there is great energy in Glenwood South and in the Warehouse District, it’s always baffled me how this strip of Hillsborough lagged development interest. This project gives me more hope that more development will follow soon (in addition to the previously reported activity on the block across from The Dawson).
I’d really like to something significant to serve the adjacent neighborhoods’ residents go on that block bounded by HIllsborough, Edenton, West and Harrington. Maybe a midrise multiscreen cinema house like this?

@John- ^that^ would be AWESOME! It’s great having the IMAX, but I’ve always wanted a full movie theater downtown!

This could be interesting. I wonder if the old A&P will be refurbished and re-opened as a grocery store. And perhaps a 10-20 story mixed use building with a hotel, apartments, retail, etc. with a parking deck?

@William. I saw this too the other day. I am delighted that this property is finally getting a good look. This is the same property from my 2/5/15 comment above. It’s interesting that the buyer/developer sort of sees this property in much the same way. I called it a place between places and they are calling it a dead zone between places. I am hopeful that something significant will go there and my clue is that these developers also bought powerhouse square and, I assume, its parking deck.

I’ve been keeping my eye on the renovation and feel that the restaurant will do much to ameliorate the “dead zone” on that part of Hillsborough Street. I hope that once the new restaurant is in place, other more diverse businesses will consider renovating the buildings there which have a lot of character.

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