Video: Wake Transit Plan Kick Off Meeting

Wake Transit Plan Kick Off Meeting on YouTube

I just wanted to share this real quick. Here’s the video from this week’s transit meeting that took place at the Raleigh Convention Center. It was a great presentation by Jarrett Walker and I encourage readers to watch the whole thing.

In addition, you can follow the planning process at Wake Transit and it should wrap up this summer.

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  1. I appreciate Walker’s pragmatism regarding the planning process. Light rail is easy to get excited about, but developing the bus system to where ridership spontaneity is fostered and participation from various demographics increases seems important too.

  2. I listened to entire program. Super excited to see things moving forward. These people seem like they have things well in hand. With the support of the State,and now willing local leadership. Things are looking up.

  3. We certainly have progressive leadership at the City and County level but I would be very wary of the State level. The right wing regime is dominated by backwards conservatives, lead by rural “the cities suck, especially Raleigh” crowd. If you don’t believe this, just look at Dorothea Dix a how it’s been handled. The same rednecks that were happy to persuade the State to “give” a piece of property to the company that one legislator was actually employed by for a grand total of $1 now want to extort Raleigh for $60 million for the polluted portion of Dix plus no guarantees that Raleigh will get the entire property..ever. Don’t want to rain on the enthusiasm parade for light rail but I’d be much more cautious in my fervor.

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