Holiday 2014 Open Thread

There has been plenty of conversation about a variety of topics lately and I try and group them together to relevant posts on the blog. For this week, I’m throwing up an anything goes post as we wind down to the end of the year.

Recent interesting downtown Raleigh news:

You know the year is almost over in Raleigh when…..

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  1. N&O reporting N&O building may be up for sale.(finally)

    Paper wants to remain downtown with 300 employees and need 40,000 square feet to house current employees at least. Hopefully that eyesore of a parking deck will be part of any project. Kind of hate to see paper press move. Was kind of cool to watch papers running off the press. Hopefully developer can keep some portion of that as a cool art project.

  2. The N&O is really sitting on a gold mine and it seems like a smart move to sell. Lots of space, room for at least three high-rise buildings, including something very tall.

  3. The TBJ reported today that the Triangle is on the short list for the relocation of either a regional or the home office for Mercedes-Benz . They are looking for 150,000 square feet of office space . Atlanta is also on the list .
    Dwight Nipper

  4. I saw that earlier Dwight. We might have a chance. The article said the site in Mebane came in second last go round. Lots of new office space ” shovel ready” in DT and north hills. Can you say Charter Square North?????

    Hoping big but we will see.

  5. I agree the N&O could be something better. But what is worse is the space beside Firestone and the building across Salisbury St from Wells Fargo that currently has a bail bond place in it. Any idea of what is going on with the space around the Firestone building across the street from the L?

  6. Bob , The developer for some reason is having second thoughts on building a hotel because of the future Residence Inn Project on Salisbury St. A city official told me this . Dwight Nipper

  7. I wonder were N&O would move. Hopefully not hidden away in some office park.

    Construction is really humming in DTR. I can’t wait to come home for the holiday and see what has changed.

  8. This is the problem with local developers or small time developers, “they don’t have you know whats to build a class A facility” and NO vision. So he will not build because there is another hotel going up. This is the type of developer downtown Raleigh does not need. They should stick to strip malls.

    That is prime property, if this hotel looks like it belongs at an airport or in the burbs, do not approve it. We do NOT need another Marriott looking hotel in OUR downtown.

    City Council needs to remove from the list any small time developer who adds no value or character to our downtown.

    DRA should be searching for out of state developers who bring in high quality projects.

  9. I think it will be a great year for Raleigh. Along with the entire Triangle. With all that going on N&O moving. Even a possible Mercedes Benz something????? Last I heard it’s between us and ATL. I actually hope Gov. McCrory pulls this off. It will cost us but should be worth it.

    Along with a number of other good things happening this year Raleigh Union Station!

    This should be a great year ahead! Thanks for keeping us informed Leo.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

  10. I can assure you if Mercedes moves their US HQ to Raleigh, McCrory will be the person LEAST responsible for that…..though Im sure he will try to take credit. There are a lot more real players with real business experience that will make that deal happen.

  11. I would be shocked if they chose the Triangle over ATL, but even more so if they chose DTR and not some office park in Morrisville. 2015 really should be a great year for Raleigh, though, with so many projects finishing and so many more getting under way.

  12. This should be a no brainer!!
    Developer for Charter Square North, City, DRA and politicians should be negotiating with Mercedes to design and build the North Tower specifically for Mercedes (A Iconic Tower over 40 stories).

    Design the building to Mercedes specifications!!!

    If this does not happen, just proves my continued point, developers in the Triangle and NC have no clue what they are doing and should stick to strip malls.

    This is a huge opportunity for Downtown Raleigh to show they have grown up B _ _ _ S!

  13. Jeff & Matthew : I tend to see & agree with what both of you are saying . What I’m hoping is that most of the 1,000 employees are saying to management that we rather live in Raleigh & be able to drive home to be with family instead of flying home & renting a car . Also hoping that Raleigh’s real estate , apartment rental , & office leasing is much cheaper . This opportunity will be interesting ! Dwight Nipper

  14. I think Mr Kane is sniffing around this deal. If it dose happen Tower III MT may be the landing spot. I personally would prefer the Charter North Site. I wouldn’t lose any sleep if it ended up MT Raleigh. Either would be a great thing for Raleigh and N.C..

  15. Uncle Jessee. I was thinking of the incentives the State would have to throw into the deal. When speaking about McCrory closing the deal.

    I would love for this to happen but, I’m not sure if I could deal with our Gov. Afterwards. I can see him now. Strutting around like a giant red rooster on steroids. No camera or news crew would be safe. We would have to all suffer thru it. In the end it would be worth the pain. No pain no gain lol.

  16. A potential site for Benz is along I-64 between the Chatham and Randolph county line. If Randolph gets the nod, word is McCrory won’t take credit.

  17. Some interesting rezoning requests are in the Raleigh planning website! Two of which seem to be quietly happening… a 12 story request near Wilmington and Lenoir, and also an additional 20 story request on Hillsborough street! The later part would make that entire block being rezoned 20 story!

  18. Randall , I also saw a few weeks ago a 12 – story request for 600 W . Hargett St. , close to the R.R. tracks . Dwight Nipper

  19. I just looked at those rezoning requests, it seems they are laying the groundwork for possibly 3 20-story high-rises on the 300 block of Hillsborough with a parking deck. Anybody else see that happening? And the 12-story hotel at Lenoir and Wilmington is something I haven’t seen.

  20. Randall & William , Would you give me the web site for the city planning that you guys got this info. on the rezoning for Hillsborough St. & the 12 – story hotel ? The last time that I was able to get on the city planning agenda was when the city sent me a e-mail containing all the agenda & they have not done this in a few weeks . Thanks , Dwight Nipper

  21. Dwight, check under City of Raleigh, Business and Development, Zoning, click current projects on the left side, then Case plan U at the bottom.

  22. Just ran across a new zoning request for the Dillon Supply Company (1-12-2015)! Looks like they may go for 20 stories in this area.

  23. randall, that is exciting! Could you provide a link to where you find those? I would love to be able to see that type of stuff and haven’t been able to figure out where on the city’s website. Thanks!

  24. “BidClerk Projects Raleigh NC” is showing Project# 2991708, 12-story hotel, Est. Start Date 5-4-15, Demolition of 3 Bldg., 1-12-15.
    Dwight Nipper

  25. Someone correct me if I am wrong or leaving something off the list (of near term vertical projects):

    Charter Square South (11 stories)
    Charter Square North (20-24 stories)
    Edison Tower (16 stories?)
    Hotel across from Charter Square South (12 stories)
    Hotel next to convention center (10 stories)
    Building across from Campbell Univ. (one 20 story building. Are they talking about building (3) buildings on this lost?)
    Hotel across from the L Building (9 stories?)
    And now there is talk of a minimum 20 story building in warehouse district (start of development in that area)

  26. Anthony, The last that I heard was The Edison would be 19 stories. Man, Am I excited about all of this. Dwight Nipper

  27. @ Anthony

    “Building across from Campbell Univ. (one 20 story building. Are they talking about building (3) buildings on this lost?)”

    I heard that one of the CAC’s is requesting nothing over 7 stories for this lot….

  28. @ Robert, The CAC did ask for a 7 story limit @ 301 Hillsborough St. , but I honestly do not think the city council will vote yes for a 7 story limit. Dwight Nipper

  29. As a member of the downtown CAC and having been to several meetings, I can tell you this group is a joke. It’s mostly residents of South Park who are still in the mindset that this is the Raleigh of the 1980s. I think Downtown should have it’s own CAC that really reflects just downtown.

  30. Does anyone know if the C.A.M Raleigh building proposal is being reconsidered now that the economy is in better shape. The general description of this project can be found at It is located toward the bottom of the page.

    I sure hope so… the only enduring quality of that building is its entrance and interior… everything else is quite dated and an eye sore. Being in a location close to the new Union Station… this is one proposal that needs new life.

  31. randall, since you linked to my website, which is painfully out of date, I can say with confidence that the CAM project will not happen the way shown. It was one of the many speculations but didn’t happen. I think that the developer couldn’t get financing and the CAM management proceeded with what we see today… Unfortunately :(

  32. Unique1, I don’t have much to say outside what is known to everyone here. In brief, we can expect 5 buildings around 20 floors (+/- 2 floors) and another 5 buildings between 9 and 13 floors. Happy to see some activity but disappointed about losing prime locations to such small structures.

    Kane’s involvement is a HUGE plus for downtown. In addition, Highwoods and Dominion – both VERY capable to deliver something major in the future – have expressed interest in getting more involved in downtown development. Until we hear of major relocations (over 2000 employees) I do not predict anything above 20-25 floors, so don’t hold your breath for skyscrapers any time soon.

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