Raleigh Wide Open Vids

The weather turned out great on Saturday and people filled the streets up until the fireworks were over.

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From one end to the other, a walk down Fayetteville St. Video is a little shaky so jump around to get an idea of the RWO scene.

Firework as seen from Hargett and Fayetteville St.

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  1. Great shots of Fayetteville Street…I was in that crowd somewhere! Hope you saw Doug van deZande’s construction workers photos in the convention center lobby.

  2. I certainly regret not being able to attend – could not take the night off from my second job – but I was glad to hear all those positive comments about Raleigh Open Wide III and the new convention center. The weather definitely messed things up on Friday, but I am glad Saturday worked out better for the event. Let’s hope that next year we’ll have even more reasons to celebrate and more destinations for our visitors to enjoy.

    Thanks for the great amount of effort and for the footage from the event.

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