Medical Services Expanding in Downtown Raleigh

MedFirst Medical Center

I noticed recently that 131 South Wilmington Street, the space where the Pop-up Ice Cream Parlour used to be, was made into a small medical office. By chance, they then contacted me to in order to try and get the word out about the new business.

Restaurants and bars are great but residents needs stuff and services too. A few years ago, WakeMed opened a primary care physicians’ office on Davie Street, which was new at the time and was pointed out as another sign of downtown Raleigh’s revitalization by the news.

Medfirst Medical Center on Wilmington Street is now the only stand-alone urgent care facility in downtown. Locally owned and operated, they specialize in urgent care, basically non-emergency situations that still need to be seen within 24 hours. Walk-ins are welcome without appointments.

Make sure to check them out.

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  1. This is good news. However, the only time I ever go to an Urgent Care is if I get sick on a weekend and my regular doc is closed. So they should strongly consider adding some Sat and Sun hours. (Actually, most other Urgent Care centers do these days!)

    Speaking of regular docs, has anyone here tried the downtown Primary Care docs? And would recommend them? Would be nice not to drive out to Blue Ridge Road for mine….considering… hmmm.

  2. I go to the WakeMed physicians on Davie for my primary care and have had nothing but good experiences. The office doesn’t seem very busy so I’ve never had to wait very long, and Dr. Amerson is really great. I would recommend them for sure.

  3. I see Dr. Patel on Glenwood Ave and he’s great. His office is above Plates, Sushi Blues, etc.

  4. Yeah Dr. Patel is mine too and probably the go-to guy for a lot of downtown/Cameron Village area folks.

    Also, I agree with raleighrob. They should really look into weekend hours. Think about all the alcohol-related injuries stemming from the bar areas or people collapsing of heat exhaustion from waiting in the RIDICULOUS food truck rodeo lines.

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