Construction Set to Start On The Lincoln

Construction fencing at the site of The Lincoln

Construction fencing is up at the future site of The Lincoln, a 224 unit apartment building going on an empty lot to the east of downtown Raleigh’s Moore Square. With over a year of planning, equipment has rolled in and the entire block has been fenced off.

The lone house along Martin Street still stands however. I guess there’s plenty of room to start construction while the fate of the house is determined. The developer was making moves to buy a nearby plot of city-owned land in order to have it moved. If the city voted to sell the property to them, perhaps the house can be rolled off The Lincoln site rather than be demolished.

With Skyhouse apartments and very positive talks of funding for the Moore Square redesign recently, east-side downtown may be a growing hot spot.

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  1. In order for DT to continue to grow, it needs to extend its reach in all directions. This is a great effort to really establish its eastern boundary beyond Moore Square! I’d love to have a pow wow to draw up where we think DT boundaries should be.

  2. Same with that Elan apartment going up south of Seaboard Station…. no info, no rendering.

  3. The Elan project continues to sketch me out with the little information put out there on it.

  4. The primary reason you are not hearing much about √Član’s apartments is because they have reportedly struck a deal with William Peace to provide student housing since the university is a bit limited. In short, they don’t need to advertise

  5. I too would love to know what the Elan project is apparently called now and see that site plan.

  6. You can see activity at the Lincoln construction site if you zoom in on the Skyhouse webcam (top left corner).

  7. The Lincoln project confirms that developers consider the east side of downtown as fertile ground for large scale apartment projects. Available parcels for such projects in and around other parts of downtown are rapidly being spoken for which puts further focus on land resources that the east might have to offer.

    So where on the eastside could additional projects realistically be built? I spent some time today perusing Wake County’s iMaps site. The Thompson-Hunter neighborhood is clearly out as this is already established single-family. The block just east of Moore Square (Salvation Army and what-not) will certainly be developed at some point. The only other place I see where a large tract could be assembled without involving too many individual land owners is the Wintershaven Apartments one block further east of the Lincoln. This complex is presently section 8 housing but as far as I know there’s nothing in the law that would prohibit the property from being sold at some point in the future. If this were to happen it would certainly exacerbate tensions as gentrification continues to alter the landscape (and cost) of living in this area.

    The only other large tract I see is a 7 acre site on New Bern and Swain. This is too far out to be considered anytime soon I would think but further down the road, who knows. Interestingly enough this parcel is owned, I believe, by Gordon Smith III who assembled the individual lots that have now become the Lincoln.

  8. ^don’t get me wrong, I love how much construction is going on, I love that Raleigh is starting to get packed with buildings… I like that there are more living options coming, esp all the apartments… but why, oh why, must they all look so generic and lame?

  9. Because designing unique buildings costs more, plus it is harder to get community-wide approval. Even on here the “modernist” style townhomes recently mentioned received some criticism for their style. Why take a risk on all of that when you could just build vetted style apartments that will satisfy the prospective tenants. Not saying I don’t agree with you sentiment, just trying to answer your question.

  10. no, what you say makes sense. Just wish it weren’t the case! I love the “Ten” modern homes being built that Leo featured recently

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