The Lincoln Will Bring 224 Apartments To Emo Raleigh

Corner of Hargett and East Street

Corner of Hargett and East Street as seen in March, 2011.

Emo Raleigh (East of Moore Square) may be getting a big influx of housing units if a new development gets approved by the city. According to a newly submitted site plan, The Lincoln is a full-block apartment building for the mostly empty, grassy lot bounded by Hargett, Martin, East, and Bloodworth Streets.

Currently, just a single house sits on the lot and for years the developers behind The Lincoln have been working to acquire property, move houses, and get everything ready.

The site plan tells us that the 70′ high building will be designed by JDavis Architects and offer one, two, and three bedroom apartments. Looking at the preliminary site plan we can see that there will be apartments along all four faces of the block with an enclosed parking deck and pool.

If I’m looking at this map correctly, the deck entrances look to be on Bloodworth and East Streets. See for yourself on this extracted image I created, posted below.

This is great for the Moore Square area as well as the adjacent Thompson-Hunter neighborhood. This side of town has been quiet on the development front. If successful, The Lincoln could raise more interest in new projects for East Raleigh as there is relatively cheaper land here.

The Lincoln Preliminary Site Plan

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  1. This is great news. We need more residential on that side. I’m hoping the apartments here will be a little less expensive than all those going up around Glenwood South & Cameron Village.

  2. Great news for this side of downtown! I wonder if this will drive some development on the block between here and Moore Square. Didn’t the City buy the Salvation Army building? Do they have any plans for that building or lot? Combine that with the Killo Pest Control building and you have a lot about the same size as the footprint of Skyhouse… :)

  3. The problem with the SA site is that the Raleigh Rescue Mission is still there and very few people want to live next door to a homeless shelter. It’s a thorny issue that has been much discussed, but if Moore Square is going to be the ‘destination’ they want, I don’t see how RRM can remain in that location. They even tried to move out to New Bern Ave but the local neighbors revolted against having a shelter in their area.

    I’ve always thought this area (east of this block) would be a good spot for rowhouses.

  4. I have lived right next to the Raleigh Rescue Mission for over two years now and have never had any issues. The best part of the Thompson-Hunter neighborhood is the diversity that exists in that part of downtown Raleigh. And when you add in the fact that you can walk to all of the restaurants, galleries, museums and events that happen downtown every weekend, I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to buy there. Living downtown is super fun, and is only getting better.

  5. Right at the top of the article – Emo Raleigh (east of moore sq).
    Like SOHO, but embarrassing.

  6. I’m not crazy about Emo either, (I still have a Rights Of Spring LP!) but at least it’s better than the completely bogus “midtown” BS. It will always be North Hills to me.

  7. This + The Edison + Skyhouse will greatly increase density on this side of downtown, getting us a bit closer to the critical mass needed to justify a grocery store.

  8. Nice article Leo. If we *have* to call the area something, I vote for EMoore, EastMo or even EastMoore. I don’t think I’ve seen anything resembling Emo over that way…

  9. Is this the first use of Emo Raleigh or is there a concerted effort to actually use this term for the area.
    I live south of Moore Square myself. We’ve been calling the area S’Moores for years.

  10. @Nano, I was only reacting to complaints I’ve heard from other people. I would think it’d be hard to get people to buy houses next to a mission (even if it’s not a problem, everything is about perception) but I could be wrong. It would be excellent if they could stay and the area could see quality growth as well.

  11. Rescue mission will be gone soon. As soon as the new Salvation Army building is finished. The soup kitchen and mission will be gone. Political pressure will push them out if nothing else makes the move happen. Land around Moore Square is too valuable to have a bunch of drunks loitering. Knowing sounds harsh but that’s the reality.

  12. Agreed – Love it Skillet, S’Moore’s. I didn’t know RRM was going away? Also I think there is a small grocery store going in further down Person behind William Peace College, across from Oak City Cycling. I would love one closer. The Taz’s that appeared for a week on Person would be the ideal location I think.

  13. It doesn’t need a name, and especially not a shitty one. It already has a name: Smith-Haywood.

  14. Emo Raleigh! LMAO!

    *passes out*

    *regains consciousness*


    *passes out again*

    But I see in the comments that it reference geo location. I’d venture to say, however, that there are likely a fair share of actual Emo folks moving in the area with this whole gentrification thing going on…

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