Rendering of The New Holy Trinity Church on Peace Street

Rendering of the Holy Trinity Church on Peace Street.

Rendering of the Holy Trinity Church on Peace Street.

In addition to doing a wonderful restoration job to the Jordan House at the corner of Peace and Blount Street, the Holy Trinity Church of Raleigh is building new digs.

Above is an architectural rendering of the new building which will be located along the 100 block of East Peace Street. The land was just surface parking for more than 20 years to the best of my knowledge and adds some diversity to what could be a heavily residential area if the Blount Street Commons project is ever fully completed.

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  1. The Holy Trinity Church will add to the already great collection of small churches in downtown Raleigh. Nice tower, pleasing design and proportions…it will soothe my eyes whenever I have occasion to bike or walk past that American Institute of Architects building.

    And for fans of “liturgical architecture”, the Roman Catholics are planning the Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral over on the southwest side of town, near Pullen Park. Its design will use large stained-glass windows salvaged from an old Philadelphia cathedral. You can view the plans at

  2. I hear ya Jake. In particular, I’m not a fan of building new churches to look like old churches. It never seems to work and mostly the buildings come off looking hokey. Just watch as some of the detail is lost to the “value engineering” process.

  3. I always wondered why the Unitarians weren’t downtown. They would probably fit in with the local residents better than a conservative denomination. Have a bar next to it and it’d be the best Sunday brunch bonanza in town. :-D

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