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Hillsborough Street

A sunny, winter day along Hillsborough Street.

The rotund building on Hillsborough Street that we all either love or hate has some news this week. The former Clarion hotel has now changed back to a . This coincides with some renovations to the lobby, rooms, and front entrance including a new sidewalk plaza out front.

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Can’t help but notice the empty or underused buildings in the foreground that line Hillsborough Street. Vehicles avoid this street by taking the parallel roads of Edenton and Morgan due to the street’s juxtaposition with the Capital Building. But this of Hillsborough street could become an pedestrian link between the districts of Glenwood, Warehouse and Fayetteville if something could be done about discontinuity created by the Edenton / Hillsborough intersection. Any ideas?

It was my understanding, that at some point back in 2007, Winston Hotels had planned a 25 story tower near this location…Hillsborough and Dawson Street. Does anyone know if this was stalled, or cancelled altogether. Below is the PDF of the announcement.


Dan, at this moment it seems to be stalled and not cancelled completely. There was a merger with, or purchase by a Chicago company and the latter said that the tower fits their model, so I don’t think this project will be canceled. The problem is with the residential component… They wanted to build as many condos as the market can handle, which has been close to zero for the last 5 years.

Thanks for the update, Ernest. Hopefully the condo demand will rise up again within the next few years, alongside the apartment boom. I think the Winston concept is a great addition to the growing downtown Hillsborugh Street corridor.

Dan, I also want to see The Hillsborough getting resurrected, somehow. The 301/309 Hillsborough Street lots are simply too valuable to remain undeveloped for much longer. Between The Hillsborough and Winston Tower, the landscape could change significantly. There are other ideas floating around for this portion of downtown, but it is a little early to get solid proposals.

One thing I’d like to see the city do on this stretch of Hillsborough is upgrade the bulbs in those lightposts to something brighter. At night, this stretch of road is remarkably darker than most other downtown streets, giving it an eery feeling that probably isn’t very conducive to running any business.

RaleighRob – that’s something that you could request right now! http://www.raleighnc.gov/ext/SeeClickFix

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