Café de los Muertos To Open In The Hue This Summer

Café de los Muertos

Look out for a new coffee shop in downtown Raleigh this summer. Confirmed by a sign on the space and some chatter on their website, Café de los Muertos will be setting up along West Hargett Street in the Hue building.

Their site has everything you need to know about these guys:

We are Café de los Muertos (Coffee of the Dead), and we are supremely dedicated to the perfect coffee cup, the perfect espresso, the perfect coffee experience. Café de los Muertos is a artisan coffee roastery that specializes in organic Fair Trade and Direct Trade coffee. We hope to promote coffee sustainability by supporting truly beneficial relationships among coffee bean farmers and our customers.

*Café de los Muertos – Who

Currently, this coffee shop is online only but the space in the Hue gives them a new home.

Reading through some of their material, it sounds like they will be keeping things local and open to collaborating rather than competing. I’ll sip to that.

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  1. With a name like that, they’re going to need all of the luck they can get. Coffee of the Dead? I am officially stating that at this point, ironic, hipster-worship of all things Mexican has jumped the shark.

  2. Aaron, “Coffee of the Dead” is the english translation. Their name is “Cafe de los Muertos”.

    Also, please let me know what I should think is cool next. K, thanks.

  3. I, for one, am looking forward to this. There’s nothing on that part of Hargett to do whatsoever, and there’s a built-in clientele upstairs.

  4. This is going to be very cool. It will be 2 flights of stairs from my apartment. They should also serve beer like Crema.

  5. Cafe de los Meurtos is probably a reference to the Dia de los Muertos, which is a major holiday in Mexico. I think it’s a nice quirky name for a coffee shop. I mean, Starbucks is named after a Moby Dick character. Should be a good addition, but I’m of the general philosophy that you can never have too many cafes.

  6. And the reference might even be closer than that Steve; the logo on the site (as is the “universal” symbol for Day of the Dead) is a Oaxacan (pronounced wa-ha-kan) skull, and Oaxaca’s geography lends itself to some pretty decent growing conditions.
    At least that’s the impression I got from the reference… as someone kind of familiar with Mexican culture (and no I’m not a hipster pretending to be Mexican.)
    I prefer café Jaltenango (from Chiapas) but café Pluma (Oaxaca) is a close second.
    And I second that “never have too many cafes” remark.

  7. looks like they are at least trying to bring something different to town. using local vendors is great and it looks like they may be offering a vegan menu, which is definitely something unique. good luck to them!

  8. Just found out they will be serving craft beer (draft) and they removed 3 big windows to put in a roll up door. Hopefully they will be open before mid-November.

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