Wake Watches Transit Happen in Durham and Orange


Durham and Orange counties are getting the transit gears moving while Wake sits on their hands. Cheers to Orange county voters!

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  1. Leo, can you help point us to whom we should be addressing our letters recommending action on this? Now that we’ve got some new officials in place, I’d like to make sure they hear our voices regarding our demand for improved public transit.


  2. WOW Wake, even Orange super conservative county wants transit. This area is so backwards; this will never evolve into the plan they have for the region because most people think of transit as a service for the poor. I’ll be so glad when I get out of this place!

  3. This transit vote should be left up to the people of Wake County, not a couple dilusional commissioners Hey Transit Supporter, it’s not all of Wake County, it’s these idiot Wake County Commissioners (specifically Paul Coble and Tony Gurly), they are Wake Commissioners with no vision.
    So, if you can’t wait to get out of here, what are you waiting for? I have traveled this country, GOOD LUCK finding a better region to live in!!!

  4. @ Thomas

    If you have been all around the country then you would know that there are plenty of regions that are much better than Raleigh/Durham. Let’s start: New York, Los Angelas, Chicago, Houston, Miami, Atlanta (which is where I want to be… FYI), Washington DC, Philadelphia, Portland, Seattle, Dallas, Tampa Bay, Orlando…. ok my hand is hurting from typing so many other areas that are better than Raleigh/Durham.

    What I’m waiting for is to finish my Master’s degree so that I can use it in an area that is about developing better transportation solutions versus Raleigh that is still working with the same old visions they have had in the past. People only move to this region cause it is cheap housing. This is a sleeper area and a sleeper state. Other than Charlotte, people come to NC to get an education and to retired. I’m getting my education but won’t be back here to retire. I’m thinking Florida for that.

  5. Transit Supporter – you clearly haven’t spent much time in Miami, Orlando, or Tampa Bay. All have sad excuses for public transit considering the sizes of their populations (not even including all the tourists). Have fun sitting in traffic down there!

  6. Heh, yeah. Raleigh’s 140,000 new residents since 2000 are all students and retirees…The Triangle’s 500,000 new residents are also all students and retirees… Please keep the conversation productive. This isn’t a peeing contest between metro areas. Raleigh and Durham both have a lot of things to offer people of all ages. It’s not perfect by any means, but there wouldn’t be people moving here in droves if it were such a bad place. The opposition to transit is mostly based around opposition to tax increases and opposition to a service that won’t move more than 1-2% of the population in the near term. The area isn’t built for transit and we’ll have to change growth patterns to make it more suitable. RTP is a good example of an organization/area that is changing its previous pattern. Making the area transit friendly is going to be a long, uphill battle, but denigrating the area isn’t helping anyone.

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