Parking Cleared For Outdoor Seating on Glenwood South, Cars Wimper While Driving By

This is a small project that was first mentioned back in 2008. What a nice surprise to find this lot torn up as I walked up Glenwood yesterday. I asked one of the construction workers what they were working on and he confirmed that they were putting in a patio seating area for the restaurants in the building.

For those that can’t tell, this is the building in Glenwood South with Zely & Ritz, Sushi Blues, Taiphoon, and Bottega Hair Salon. Glenwood South is leading the charge on the outdoor seating options.

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  1. Awesome news for these restaurants and the Glenwood area. If they ever get around to the rooftop Ale House this will be a great destination for outdoor eating/drinking/people watching!

  2. I think it is a good idea and I can’t wait to see the outdoor seating in place soon enough for people to take advantage of the nice weather, when it arrives :LOL:

  3. Nice, but how is this making Glenwood South more bike friendly? I need to see architectural renderings showing bike racks before I give my full support.

  4. Fayetteville Street Mall, anyone? Parking is already difficult in that area. They are flirting with disaster.

  5. @Dana, don’t make unintelligent posts. They are getting rid of 4 maybe 5 regular spots and a handicap spot for an area where 100+ people can eat outdoors. There is a ton of parking in the area, with a new 222 Glenwood deck, and plenty of on street parking. A comparison to Fayetteville St. is laughable.

  6. This is really good news – exactly what those specific restaurants really needed right now!

    BTW I have had no trouble finding parking – day or night – Fayetteville or Glenwood areas, :-)and I welcome more competition for the available spots! Come on down, all u burbers!

  7. While Glenwood South doesn’t have as many decks as the Moore Square or Fayetteville Street districts, its parking situation isn’t so bad that these few spots will be missed. I personally have always found the easiest solution is park near an R-Line stop somewhere downtown and ride the bus.

  8. Seriously. I think the people the complain about parking downtown don’t even use the decks, much less the R-line. This is a real city, there’s not going to be free street parking everywhere…

  9. @ Dana, don’t forget the closing of the curb cuts will create a couple of on street parking places, so the net loss is almost nothing. Parking decks aside (I never use them) I can always find a street space to park. The beauty in all the new apartments going up with a short distance of here is that the restaurants will need fewer people driving in to stay viable. There is a certain snobery, of which I condone, that you who live in the suburbs are not entitled to a convenient parking space anywhere you want to frequent (mind you I understand that in the formative stages of downtown revival, it is necessary to address the issue)…people who live downtown do so in large part because they want to be near the places they like to go.

  10. While there probably is a bit of snobbery involved, there is also a lot of economic sense. Those free parking spots that suburban drivers are used to wherever and whenever they go are paid for by someone, usually the consumer at the business or the tax payers if they are city owned.

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