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The N.C. State Bar is poised to build a four-story, $14 million headquarters in downtown Raleigh.

The state agency, which regulates the legal profession, has secured a site at the corner of Blount and Edenton streets for a new 60,000-square-foot building that it expects to begin constructing next year. Target date for occupying the building is the first half of 2012, said Tom Lunsford, executive director.

via .biz – State Bar plans new headquarters | newsobserver.com blogs.

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    None right now. Must be a new project.


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  1. Another wasted opportunity to build something bigger at a location that could and should host something greater – I assume the envisioned low-rise will be built at the NE corner of the intersection between Edenton and Blount Streets. Of course, the state government offers a HUGE opportunity for the State Bar and it is hard to pass it out, but four stories is nothing less than a waste of space. Let’s hope that the new HQ will at least have an inspiring design and a decent urban form, with respect to the city’s desire to create pedestrian-friendly areas.

  2. Agree with Ernest above, for the most part. On the other hand, an office building with a full complement of workers is still better for downtown than a parking lot. And since it’s state land, I won’t set myself up for disappointment hoping for them to put anything mixed-use there.

  3. hey Leo,

    Remember this? http://dtraleigh.com/2008/04/beneath-the-parking-lot-update-1110-am/ From about a year and a half ago– Ironically, your aerial shot pretty much shows the footprint the state bar building will take. I for one am sure going to miss those iconic 80-year old brick pillars. Based on the state’s sorry record at historic preservation in the Blount St area over the past 40 years, I seriously doubt there’ll be any effort to preserve them.

  4. Since the project will be on state land, I am thinking it would be subject to SEPA (State Environmental Protection Act) review. Basically, meaning various environmental & resource agencies weigh in on a project in the planning stages. The State Office for Historic Preservation is one of those agencies. If you’re interested in keeping those pillars preserved, I’d alert them.

  5. Karl, thanks for bringing back that “thread”. That building was a great loss for Raleigh and I wish we could have saved it from the wrecking ball – assuming it was structurally safe. Unfortunately, it is too late now and time machine is not yet available to go back and do something. Still, I hope for something nice – and larger than 4 floors – to go on that site. Even the building we lost was taller than 4 floors, plus I hate to miss every chance we have to utilize the land for something more iconic :(

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